Hair Loss and How to Avoid It

Hair Loss and How to Avoid It


Nobody wants to have thinning hair or experience balding. Our hair has just become one of the sources of beauty that we spend so much on styling and shampooing it. Yet, sometimes information from TV ads and magazines just only confuse us as to what really causes hair loss and how to prevent it instead.

Hair Loss and How to Avoid It


TV ads might make you a paranoid after you saw strands of hair falling during a shower. But, hey, don’t you know that losing 50-100 hairs is just normal? Yes, this is so true and falling hair after a shower is not enough evidence that you experience hair loss. If you want to be sure about it, you can conduct the so-called “Tug Test” where you get at least 15 samples of your hair and hold and pull them firmly (but slowly) with your finger. If you get a handful of hair removed, then you might be experiencing hair loss.


Causes of Hair Loss

There are various causes of hair loss that you have to consider. Your family might have that hereditary disorder of losing hair so fast. However, these symptoms will surface only during adulthood. Hair loss among teenagers is caused by other reasons. Because some teens are conscious of their weight, they sometimes resort to starvation and bad diet practices. Because our hair also needs nutrients, if you starved, your hair will also be deprived of nutrients. Constant exposure to chemicals and harmful devices used in hair styles also damages your hair. Your hair is also at risk when you constantly wear wigs or tight caps for long hours in a day. These things will only deprive your hair of oxygen.


It’s not yet too late. There are technologies in the market that try to answer problems in hair loss. These ways range from cheap hype shampoos and conditioners that will only create illusions of giving bulk to your hair to the most effective treatments administered by your doctor. Personally, you can also take care of your hair by not wearing tight caps and wigs. You should also think that dieting is also hazardous to your hair. Just let your hair be and you will see that it will also reward you back with its natural glow.

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