Hair Loss Development

Hair Loss Development


Many question why they are experiencing hair loss, receding hair line and hair thinning. What they failed to know are the reasons why it is happening. Because knowledge is power, having some information about hair loss will help you gain control over your hair and your health as well.

Hair Loss Development


There are a couple of reasons for hair loss. But the most common reasons are those that deal with the health of an individual. High fever, serious infections and thyroid disease are just one of the few causes of hair loss. Among men, male genetic baldness is common and sometimes runs in the family. This happens because of the invasion of DHT hormones in the system that constricts men’s blood vessels in the scalp. When this happens, distribution of nutrients and oxygen is imperiled thus the scalp cannot regenerate new hair follicles if one hair growth cycle has been finished.


The effects of hormonal imbalance may differ from one person to another. Men will develop a receding hairline. Yet, others may also be unable to develop their hair back in other parts of their body like their eyebrows, eyelashes and other private body parts.


Teens are also susceptible to hair loss. Going to salons is a typical hobby among girls who want to look good. Going to different salons pose a risk as the things used to style your hair may get in contact with another person who has ringworm. Skin infections like this would really affect your scalp and may leave a permanent scar if left untreated. Constant hair styling would also destroy your hair. Hair styles that are too tight and needs harmful chemicals should always be avoided.


The lack of vitamins like protein, iron and vitamin B also contributes to hair loss. Sometimes, after conceiving a baby, pregnant women may lack these nutrients thus also experiencing hair loss. People who are sick with anorexia or bulimia may deprive their selves to these nutrients thus experiencing the same faith. Again, some teens who expose themselves to the risks of crash dieting are also in danger of experiencing the effects of hair loss.


With the right amount of rest, nutrients, food supplements and good habits, hair loss can always be answered.

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