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How Women and Men Differ When It Comes to Jealousy?

How Women and Men Differ When It Comes to Jealousy? For some people, lack of jealousy can indicate a lack of love, but for many others, jealousy leads to hard feelings and decrease in romantic emotions. There are some experts that see positive effects in jealousy, but only if keeping it at a low level. In this case, jealousy can act like a good spice and induce dynamic into a long-term relationship when stuck in a rut. It can fuel […]

The Pros and Cons of Frozen Foods

The Pros and Cons of Frozen Foods Our modern lifestyle does not give us a lot of time to prepare healthy and nutritious meals that mainly consists of fresh vegetables and other high-quality products. To find a convenient and fast solution, many of us reach out for frozen foods, thinking that it is a healthy choice; at least, better than junk food. But, how healthy are frozen foods? According to nutritionists, frozen foods represent the safest in terms of contamination […]

How to Be More Proactive

How to Be More Proactive Proactivity is not a habit that is good to have to be more productive and effective at work. Proactivity can help us to build better relationships with our closest ones and with a wider community, too. Proactivity helps us not only to organize ourselves better but to feel better about ourselves. Many people tend to think that we are proactive when taking an action and have initiative. However, according to experts, proactivity means take full […]

Being a Dad Is a Great Opportunity to Express Masculinity

Being a Dad Is a Great Opportunity to Express Masculinity Many children today grow up in single-mother households. According to statistics, one in four children grows up in families without a father. And there are, also, a significant number of children, living in families with both parents, where the father is emotionally absent or focuses only on the provider’s role. It is not surprising that 70% of Americans think that too many children, raising without father’s role, contributes to increasing […]

Benefits of Berries for Heart Health

Benefits of Berries for Heart Health Although tinny and small in size, berries are powerful fruit that can fight against many chronic diseases, even cancer. They are rich in vitamin C (especially strawberries), flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants; they show as excellent as preventive agents for many diseases. They are good allies in losing weight because they hydrate and nourish our bodies without the intake of unnecessary calories. Frequently, the greatest enemy in weight loss is toxins. No matter how wonderful […]

Common Triggers of Ocular Migraine

Common Triggers of Ocular Migraine An ocular migraine affects vision, usually in one eye and can be accompanied with pain, typical for a migraine. Often, people who suffer from an ocular migraine experience loss of vision that can last from a few to 30 minutes. It rarely lasts longer than an hour. People with an ocular migraine frequently report the loss of vision in the same eye. Ocular migraine happens when blood vessels contracts and hinders regular blood flow to […]

Probiotics for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Probiotics for Irritable Bowel Syndrome Although Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) does not seriously affect our bodies, it is still an uncomfortable chronic disease, which symptoms can be very annoying. Until today, there is no medical evidence of its organic cause, but very often changes in diet, lifestyle, and stress level can alleviate the symptoms of IBS. According to medical experts, there is the link between the brain and bowel movements that in case of IBS can cause an imbalance in […]

The Proven Benefits of Probiotics

The Proven Benefits of Probiotics Probiotics are well known as beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract, where they maintain a balance between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria. Namely, the gastrointestinal tract is populated with millions of bacteria. When those bacteria are mainly good, then our organism responds better to inflammations and infections. However, if this natural flora’s balance becomes disturbed with antibiotic consumption or irregular diet, then taking foods rich in probiotics can be beneficial to our overall health. A top food […]