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How to Go through the Middle Age Shift and What to Expect

How to Go through the Middle Age Shift and What to Expect For many people, going through a middle age crisis can be a dreadful thing, especially for men. This transforming period has been long considered as a bridge between youth and older age. However, according to recent UN study, expected lifespan has been prolonged and amounts 87 and 86 years for women in Japan and Hong Kong while for European and American women is 81 years. It is followed […]

Why Is Hard for Men to Maintain Good and Long-Term Friendships?

Why Is Hard for Men to Maintain Good and Long-Term Friendships? During the lifetime, every man has experienced a challenging time in maintaining good and stable friendships. The biggest life changes like getting married, having kids, job promotion, financial success or failure, divorce, losing a job, etc., have a huge impact on personal needs, affinities, lifestyle, self-confidence. While women will go out looking for emotional support from their friends or simply call one of them, men will rather suffer in […]

The Importance of Maintaining a Good and Healthy Friendship

The Importance of Maintaining a Good and Healthy Friendship Modern man has fewer friends today than his ancestors had a century ago. Contemporary lifestyle burdened men with a lot of working hours, family responsibilities, and society’s expectations, which men mainly adopt through their upbringings. Today, humans are experiencing much greater movement due to transport development and industry requirements. All of this caused many men to spend more hours in their cars, driving to and back from their jobs. In the […]

Effects of Selenium on Our Health

Effects of Selenium on Our Health Selenium is one of the trace minerals necessary for our body to function properly. Although we need selenium in small quantities, its deficiency can lead to some health issues, especially when it comes to our heart health, immunity, joints, and reproductive health. Our body cannot produce selenium, so we have to include it in our diet. However, scientific studies have shown that larger quantities of selenium could be toxic. Thus, nutritionists suggest taking selenium […]

Herbs for Better Immune System

Herbs for Better Immune System The immune system is a complex body organization that requires various factors functioning well as building blocks. Its strength depends on our overall condition. We cannot exclude any aspects of our lifestyle, because the single cause that affects us shortly cannot diminish our immune response, in the long run. On the contrary, all little things that we are used to doing during the years can weaken the immune system. Many factors like sleeping habits, diet, […]

Overtraining Symptoms

Overtraining Symptoms While many people do not regularly train, or do not exercise at all, some who train too much can experience uncomfortable symptoms of overtraining. Overtraining happens when we continue exercising when our body has not recovered from the previous workout. It appears when workout lasts longer and more intensely than we are physically capable of, when training exceeds bodily current needs and go to extremes. However, if this goes unnoticed, overtraining can cause short and long-term health issues […]

Why Is Important to Manage Our Time Better?

Why Is Important to Manage Our Time Better? Whatever we want to achieve in our life, on professional, educational, personal, or relationship level, most of us have stuck with a lack of time. Very often, we can find ourselves thinking: “If I only had more time, I would…” Indeed, time is the most powerful resource that we have, but still very limited. We all have only 24 hours per day, seven days per week, four weeks per month and 12 […]

How to Prevent Stomach Flu

How to Prevent Stomach Flu In spite of its name, stomach flu is not actually a flu or influenza that appears seasonally. While seasonal flu is followed by exhaustion, muscle pain, and runny nose, stomach flu has nothing in common with the real flu. It is known as viral gastroenteritis, a type of gastroenteritis caused by viral infection. These viruses attack digestive tract and intestines, and bring a completely different set of symptoms, such as: stomach cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, and […]