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Wine Is Good For You

It has long been recognised that wine is good for you in moderation and some recent articles such as this one explain the benefits. The article says that:  “Resveratrol, famously found in red wine, has now been shown to improve several key areas of metabolic health—including risk factors for type 2 diabetes and heart disease—in a human study. (Up until now, the compound has only showed these promising results in animal trials.)” “Eleven obese but otherwise healthy men were either […]

Antioxidants Help Protect Against Radiation

Antioxidants Help Protect Against Radiation The risk to our health from radiation may be underestimated by the majority of people but it is real, and it is worth knowing that antioxidants help protect against radiation. Antioxidants Help Protect Against Radiation Have a look at this article for a more detailed explanation of radiation risks and how best to protect yourself. The article explains the background to the increasing threat from radiation accumulating in our environment with quotes such as:  “The […]

Virus Kills Acne Bacteria

Virus Kills Acne Bacteria A harmless virus that lives on human skin has been shown to be a new weapon against acne as the virus kills acne bacteria. A natural skin virus could be used to fight acne, according to a new study published today. “US researchers found that the phage virus can kill Propionibacterium acnes – the bacteria that cause acne. Virus Kills Acne Bacteria They discovered 11 different versions of the virus, which can be used to target […]

How a Garden Shed Lowers Blood Pressure

You may wonder, exactly, how a garden shed lowers blood pressure. It’s almost a long-standing joke that the average married man is in the shed just when his wife needs him to do some chores or run an errand, but a recent article makes a serious point of this and suggests that having a bolt-hole such as the potting shed is a good way for a man to reduce his blood pressure and hence live longer. It says: “The therapeutic […]

Vitmain D Is Good For Hair Loss

Experiments have recently shown that vitamin D is good for hair loss. Premature hair loss affects many men and also women. The current treatments include hair transplants which can cost many thousands of dollars and new drugs such as minoxidal. The drugs however have side effects such as loss of sex drive. So the irony is you want to look better and have a full head of hair but in achieving that you perhaps lose your drive for wanting it […]

Health Screening is for Everyone

Most people have heard the expression “prevention is better than cure”, and nowhere is that more true than in the area of good health. Health screening is for everyone and not just for women. Women have become used to regular screenings for breast and cervical cancer, yet most men don’t take advantage of services on offer such as cholesterol checking, but only undergo such simple tests at the behest of their doctor. Early diagnosis of potentially serious conditions such as […]

Cancer Risks are all around us

It seems as though cancer risks are all around us these days, and sometimes from the most unexpected places. Who would have thought for instance that a suitcase could be dangerous for your health? A recent article explains that some of the chemicals found in the handles of a type of suitcase were known to be carcinogenic. The article says that “Samsonite International SA is recalling 250,000 “Tokyo Chic” suitcases worldwide to replace handles on the bags after a Hong […]


One of the more common problems of our times is depression, despite the fact that, in material terms, most of us have never had it so good. There has, of course been an economic downturn recently which has caused job losses and financial problems for many and this may be a contributory factor but some people seem to suffer chronic depression for no real or apparent reason. Because of this there has been a rise in numbers of prescriptions of […]

Electronic Cigarettes May Be The Answer To Quitting Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes May Be The Answer To Quitting Smoking Electronic cigarettes may be the answer to quitting smoking and this is backed up by a recent article which points out that they are a much healthier alternative to smoking tobacco. Arguably, smoking electronic cigarettesis not really smoking at all, since you’re inhaling not actual smoke, but instead a vapour from a relatively harmless vegetable product such as propylene glycol. The article admits however that:  “The industry has yet to produce […]