Health Screening is for Everyone

Most people have heard the expression “prevention is better than cure”, and nowhere is that more true than in the area of good health. Health screening is for everyone and not just for women.

Women have become used to regular screenings for breast and cervical cancer, yet most men don’t take advantage of services on offer such as cholesterol checking, but only undergo such simple tests at the behest of their doctor.

Early diagnosis of potentially serious conditions such as high blood pressure and cancer, are vital to dealing efficiently with such problems, and as June is Mens’ Health Awareness Month, it is an opportune time to take stock and see what can be done to lower your risk of developing serious chronic medical conditions in the years ahead.

A recent article has highlighted this situation and points out that men, as well as women, are subject to cancers, diabetes, and other conditions and shouldn’t wait until they know something is wrong when there are specific screening tests available.

A doctor puts it thus:

“Men shouldn’t see the doctor only when there’s a concerning symptom that needs diagnosis. We know that cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death for men and women alike.

Many men are diagnosed only when they have a serious cardiac event, such as a heart attack. But good preventive care over the years can do just what it implies – prevent a potentially life-threatening episode.”

“Regular check-ups are not just for women. Men in their 40s and beyond should visit their primary-care physician at least every other year for a complete physical.

Over time, we will track trends in blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and other markers of overall health.

We can ensure that screenings are initiated as recommended for colorectal cancer, prostate cancer and other diseases, based on the patient’s individual and family health history. If we notice any signs of a developing condition, we can take appropriate steps to control or even reverse that trend.

Besides seeing the doctor for a regular physical, men should pay attention to other aspects of a healthy life. Don’t wait until your blood pressure is elevated to begin an exercise routine. Don’t watch your cholesterol levels rise before you begin eating right.”

Certainly men should do their best to lead a healthy life style if they want to live as long as possible and enjoy their later years of life without being crippled by chronic bronchitis, prostate cancer, heart failure, or some other disabling condition.

To best achieve this, why not take note of this latest suggestion that health screening is for everyone, and get yourself a thorough health examination and MOT as our GP puts it. You can pay privately for the most complete examination possible at special centres for this if you wish, but your own doctor can do a basic check-up that should show any potential areas of problem that might need looking into further.

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