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Effects of Bad Relationships on Our Health

Effects of Bad Relationships on Our Health Medical experts frequently remind us that good relationships are essential for our health. A good marriage, particularly, helps us live longer, happier and healthier. However, many studies point to the disturbing effects of bad marriage and bad relationships in general on our health. Recent researches go even further explaining that bad relationships do not only deteriorate our health, but also can have lethal consequences. Namely, the study from 2006 published in the American […]

How to Lower Triglycerides?

How to Lower Triglycerides? Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol, and smoking greatly contribute in increasing triglycerides. They usually appear as a result of a diet rich in saturated and trans fats, too much sugar, and carbohydrates. There are no symptoms that can point at high triglycerides. Frequently, we accidentally find out that our level of triglycerides has jumped by taking a blood test. It is not unusual that a test reveals increased levels of LDL cholesterol as a by-product. In […]

Benefits of Berries for Heart Health

Benefits of Berries for Heart Health Although tinny and small in size, berries are powerful fruit that can fight against many chronic diseases, even cancer. They are rich in vitamin C (especially strawberries), flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants; they show as excellent as preventive agents for many diseases. They are good allies in losing weight because they hydrate and nourish our bodies without the intake of unnecessary calories. Frequently, the greatest enemy in weight loss is toxins. No matter how wonderful […]

How Can Positive Emotions Be Good for Your Heart?

How Can Positive Emotions Be Good for Your Heart? In our modern society, especially in North American and European countries, we are all accustomed to hiding and repressing emotions, because it has been considered that if we are not in control of our emotions, we can be perceived as weak. Naturally, with repressing emotions we lose our chance to feel them. Thus, we become more or less distant from our emotional nature, disabled not only to experience negative emotions, but […]