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How Are Suppressed Emotions Linked to Cancer?

How Are Suppressed Emotions Linked to Cancer? Cancer is a complex disease. Multiple reasons lead to rapid growth of cancer cells. However, many alternative practitioners and cancer survivors speak about suppressed emotions and their effect on cancer. They believe that deep, unconscious, negative emotions can contribute to the development of the illness. Some even claim that a buried trauma from the past that was not resolved is particularly dangerous. Even though we do not think about suppressed emotions or unresolved […]

Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients

Role of Spirituality in Cancer Patients Whenever we encounter serious life difficulty such as life-threatening illness or loss of a close person, many of us become more spiritual than before the event. The same is true for cancer patients. Namely, a new study examined the role of spirituality in cancer patients. The researchers examined 44,000 cancer patients and found out that patients who are more spiritual tend to experience fewer symptoms, and their illness gets a milder form. Cancer patients […]

Anticancer Cocktail

Anticancer Cocktail Ginger, turmeric, and carrots combined, represent a powerful cocktail that helps fight cancer. Each of these nutritious foods has many benefits, but drinking or eating together decreases a risk of cancer and alleviate its symptoms. According to experts from alternative medicine, this combination of vegetables is a powerful natural remedy. They remind us that ginger is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects that help in many different health conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Ginger is full […]

Is Wine Really That Good for Your Health?

Is Wine Really That Good for Your Health? We all know that the wine has beneficial effects on our health, when it is consumed moderately. For men, moderately means one or two 4-ounce glasses of wine per day. The one study, conducted on a group of men with a high cardiovascular risk, at the University of Barcelona in Spain, showed that the red wine has very positive effects on men’s health. However, the effects of the two groups of men […]

How To Deal With Male Breast Cancer

male breast cancer

How To Deal With Male Breast Cancer It can be quite devastating to have a man be given the news of breast cancer but there are ways to deal with male breast cancer today. The advanced technologies of this era bring on amazing effective means against male breast cancer besides the increasing amount of information concerning this health condition.   Breast cancer is not a woman’s disease alone with confirmed research and studies revealing its ugly truth; men can get […]

Cancer Link To Allergies

Researchers have discovered a potential cancer link to allergies, that could lead to therapies based around antihistamines. Its been discovered that histamine may protect tumours from the immune system.  By blocking the production of histamine in animal models, the researchers were able to interrupt a process that promotes skin cancer growth. “This research is very exciting as it draws a connection between two diseases that aren’t commonly linked: allergy and cancer,” says Conrad. “However, it’s important to realize that this […]

Eat Nuts Every Day

Eat Nuts Every Day

Eat Nuts Every Day Eat nuts every day and live longer, that’s the results of a study that looked at eating nuts and links to various diseases and longevity. Data was analysed over a thirty year period and from over 120,000 people. There appeared to be no difference between tree growing nuts such as cashew nuts and ground growing nuts such as peanuts. Just a handful a day appears to be enough to bring about these benefits. The data also […]

Foods With Links To Cancer

Foods With Links To Cancer We all have heard the same lecture from our doctors: “Lose weight, exercise, eats your fruit and vegetables. That’s the way to avoid cancer!” However, research has shown that certain foods may increase your risk for certain types of cancer. A new study relates deep fried foods to increased risks of prostate cancer. Past research has shown that foods such as grilled meats may increase prostate cancer risk as well, but this is the first […]

About Prostate Cancer

About Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer involves a malignant tumor that grows on a man’s prostate gland, which is located right beneath a man’s bladder in his digestive system. A man’s chances of getting prostate cancer increases after he turns 40 and he will need to monitor his health more closely. If a man has a family history of prostate cancer he is at risk of developing the illness and African American men in particular are more likely to develop prostate […]