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How to Save Marriage After a Baby? 0

How to Save Marriage After a Baby?

How to Save Marriage After a Baby? For the majority of people, the arrival of a baby is the happiest event in their lives. However, this happiness comes with a price – decline of marriage. Household chores, lack of intimacy, keeping baby dry, fed and calm – all of these require time, presence, energy and patience. Therefore, many couples ask themselves – how to save a marriage after a baby? The situation is a little bit worse in younger people. The most common misconceptions among young couples are the one about babies. Namely, many young couples tend to think that the arrival of a baby will make their relationship closer, and they will feel more connected. However, this belief is the farthest from the truth. Many couples enter the situation unprepared and often ended feeling unhappy. They often do not see the way to improve their relationship and save a marriage after a baby. According to statistics, couples without kids are twice as happier than couples with children. They have more time to spend together, taking part in shared activities. And sharing and exchange of ideas, opinions, and emotions create a basis for a relationship to grow. However, experts think...

What Habits Make Us Successful 0

What Habits Make Us Successful

What Habits Make Us Successful According to many successful people, what makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful people is their mindset. Successful mindset is actually set of beliefs that has developed through the years of personal and professional development. It is based on our habitual thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. Unsuccessful people have also developed unsuccessful habits during the years, but they did it unconsciously. Many unsuccessful people are always complaining about their job, marriage, financial situation or life circumstances. Unsuccessful people believe that they do not have the power to change their situation. They usually blame their boss, spouse, life, or God for their misery. They made a habit of such behavior. Until we blame others for our happiness, we will give our power away. To change that, we should take responsibility for our current situation, accept the mistake, understand a choice we make, learn from it and let go of failure. That is the way to take our power back. Only from that point we can begin establishing new, more prospective habits that will eventually lead us to success. But, to create a new habit we need to count on setbacks. As we all know, old habits...

How to Beat Insomnia During Summer? 0

How to Beat Insomnia During Summer?

How to Beat Insomnia During Summer? For many people, summer is a challenging period for a good sleep. Higher temperature and longer periods of daily light can significantly disturb sleeping patterns. For that reason, experts suggest several methods that can help us beat insomnia during summer. They suggest maintaining a good sleeping routine every day, no matter whether we can immediately fall asleep or not. According to them, it is essential to decrease the light in our bedroom one or two hours before we go to bed. Light is necessary for our circadian rhythm and our biological clock early in the morning and throughout a day. But, in the evening, intense light can prevent our body to secrete the hormones necessary for our sleeping mod. They also recommend not using gadgets, at least one hour before sleeping. Namely, computers, laptops, and other electronic gadgets affect negatively our natural ability to feel sleepy. They keep us awake. Experts also warn us not to think about work problems and try hard to solve a difficult issue late in the evening. Instead, we may meditate, read our favorite novel, drink tea, or listen to relaxing music. Whatever can help us feel relaxed is...

How to Avoid What-The-Hell-Effect 0

How to Avoid What-The-Hell-Effect

How to Avoid What-The-Hell-Effect The what-the-hell-effect is a phenomenon that is firstly registered among dieters. It has been firstly noticed by researchers Janet Polivy and Peter Herman. They found that dieters tend to give up completely when to break their goal for a particular day. Because of a sense of guilt, they tend to feel bad about themselves that leads further to overindulgence. The what-the-hell-effect makes people give up for one single fault. They lose bigger picture and are unable to focus on a long-term goal. For that reason, psychologists explain the best strategy that takes faults into account when we set up our goals. According to them, we often try to break the rules when we are too strict with ourselves. A good strategy can be to set realistic goals and leave the room for occasional mistakes. We should bring self-compassion into the equation of reaching our goals. Experts suggest compassionate approach when we are struggling to adopt a new habit and break the bad one. We need to allow ourselves space to fail every now and then. Psychologists have also found out that the what-the-hell-effect affects many other areas, not only our diet. Namely, they realize that people...