What Habits Make Us Successful

What Habits Make Us Successful

Image courtesy of bluebay at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of bluebay at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

According to many successful people, what makes a difference between successful and unsuccessful people is their mindset. Successful mindset is actually set of beliefs that has developed through the years of personal and professional development. It is based on our habitual thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions. Unsuccessful people have also developed unsuccessful habits during the years, but they did it unconsciously. Many unsuccessful people are always complaining about their job, marriage, financial situation or life circumstances. Unsuccessful people believe that they do not have the power to change their situation. They usually blame their boss, spouse, life, or God for their misery. They made a habit of such behavior. Until we blame others for our happiness, we will give our power away. To change that, we should take responsibility for our current situation, accept the mistake, understand a choice we make, learn from it and let go of failure. That is the way to take our power back. Only from that point we can begin establishing new, more prospective habits that will eventually lead us to success. But, to create a new habit we need to count on setbacks. As we all know, old habits die hard, and we should prepare ourselves for resistance and give ourselves time. Some believe that 21 days is enough to establish new habits, but latest research has shown that 66 days is average. But, whatever it takes, creating new better habits is worthwhile. They pave the way to our success. To learn more about what habits make us successful, the article “7 Behaviors That Really Successful People Have Mastered” gives us the following list.

What Habits Make Us Successful

1. Positive thinking

2. Having clear end goals

3. Taking calculated risks

4. Learning from other successful people

5. Building real relationships

6. Managing time efficiently

7. Never stop learning

According to experts, it helps if we are constantly striving to challenge ourselves and do hard things. Bob Proctor, the best-selling author, and coach believes that our greatest enemy is not cowardice, but conformity. We do not challenge ourselves enough and hesitate to take a risk. But, without these two attributes, we cannot develop the habits of a successful person and will not be able to succeed.

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