How to Save Marriage After a Baby?

How to Save Marriage After a Baby?


For the majority of people, the arrival of a baby is the happiest event in their lives. However, this happiness comes with a price – decline of marriage. Household chores, lack of intimacy, keeping baby dry, fed and calm – all of these require time, presence, energy and patience. Therefore, many couples ask themselves – how to save a marriage after a baby? The situation is a little bit worse in younger people. The most common misconceptions among young couples are the one about babies. Namely, many young couples tend to think that the arrival of a baby will make their relationship closer, and they will feel more connected. However, this belief is the farthest from the truth. Many couples enter the situation unprepared and often ended feeling unhappy. They often do not see the way to improve their relationship and save a marriage after a baby. According to statistics, couples without kids are twice as happier than couples with children. They have more time to spend together, taking part in shared activities. And sharing and exchange of ideas, opinions, and emotions create a basis for a relationship to grow. However, experts think that marriage between partners who cultivated a strong friendship has the best chance to survive. They also recommend laughing at the absurdity of the situation and not taking themselves or the situation too seriously. The greatest clash appears in the arena of roles. Even though many couples avoid maintaining traditional gender roles and develop roles that suit better their true nature, many of them unconsciously slip into old patterns. Some couples even inverse traditional roles. This clash often creates the greatest stress between partners and needs to be resolved. To find more about how to save a marriage after a baby, the article “11 Ways to Have a Strong Marriage After Baby” gives us interesting suggestions.

How to Save Marriage After a Baby?

1. Carve out time.

2. Create daily rituals.

3. Yes, keep score.

4. Whisper sweet nothings.

5. Have fun.

6. Schedule sex.

7. Show support.

8. Compliment each other.

9. Laugh.

10. Get help.

11. Seek counseling.

Finally, what works the best is to cultivate compassion and put ourselves in our partner’s shoes. Nothing will change a marriage for the better as love and save it after a baby.

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