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Gluten Free Diet – Pros and Cons

Gluten Free Diet – Pros and Cons Avoiding gluten when celiac disease is diagnosed, is essential for the overall health condition, but avoiding gluten without a medical diagnosis can be dangerous. People who suffer from celiac disease feels very uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, bloating, vomiting, stomach pain, as well as muscle cramps, weight loss, chronic fatigue, depression, etc. However, there are many other people who are not diagnosed with celiac disease but experience certain symptoms similar celiac disease. Even […]

How to Prevent Knee Injury?

How to Prevent Knee Injury? Ligament injuries in the knee represent the common issue in men. They usually appear as a result of a sudden accident and therefore, it is hard to prevent it. The knee injury does not express a variety of symptoms if it is of a mild or middle intensity. Only serious injury can show the signs such as pain, a loud sound of rupture, and swelling. Many people also experience a sensation of instability and inability […]

What Foods Trigger Allergy

What Foods Trigger Allergy Allergies occur as a result of our immune system trying to protect us from substances that do not represent a real threat to our health. As autoimmune disorders, a reaction of the body is not directed to real enemies that cause health problems, such as viruses, bacteria, and other potentially dangerous microorganisms. Allergies usually trigger substances that are common for the most people, like pollen, dust, mold, cockroaches, dust mites, etc. Some sorts of foods can […]

Natural Remedies for Allergies

Natural Remedies for Allergies According to medical experts, allergies can occur at any age. Even though they usually appear in children, they are not rare in adults. Many adults suddenly experience an allergic reaction to some substance, such as pollen, dust, mold, or certain kind of food. In adults, allergy frequently develops in people, who are in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. People who are over the 40s rarely get allergy. It is because allergy represents a reaction of our […]

How to Lower Triglycerides?

How to Lower Triglycerides? Sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, alcohol, and smoking greatly contribute in increasing triglycerides. They usually appear as a result of a diet rich in saturated and trans fats, too much sugar, and carbohydrates. There are no symptoms that can point at high triglycerides. Frequently, we accidentally find out that our level of triglycerides has jumped by taking a blood test. It is not unusual that a test reveals increased levels of LDL cholesterol as a by-product. In […]

How Does Noise Affect Our Health?

How Does Noise Affect Our Health? Many studies were conducted to explore how noise affects our health in industrial settings. They found out that noise level above 80 dB can cause hearing impairment in people who are exposed more than eight hours to it. However, the very few studies have seriously researched noise as the environmental pollutant. According to some medical reports, traffic noise is one of the greatest pollutants in our surroundings. It does not lead to hearing impairment, […]

How to Prevent Night Leg Cramps?

How to Prevent Night Leg Cramps? According to studies, almost 60 percent of adults have occasional night leg cramps. They frequently affect calves, but can appear in tights or feet. Even though there is no straight answer to question what causes night leg cramps, there are certain conditions that can increase or diminish their appearance. One of the reasons, according to fitness experts, is dehydration. Because of that experts suggest drinking plenty of water whenever we can, especially during a […]

How to Deal with Daylight Saving Time

How to Deal with Daylight Saving Time The daylight saving time was long considered as the insignificant change of our time that does not much affect our health. One hour backwards and forwards has not been considered as dramatic change for years. However, experience has shown that many people feel the effects of daylight saving time, at least, a week. Experts explain the change of one hour is not a slight one at all. Namely, they think that it affects […]