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How to Exercise in Winter

How to Exercise in Winter For many people, the main reason not to exercise is due to a lack of time. Among the other reasons, cold winter weather is at the top of the list. It is not surprising because the shortest period of daylight, cold temperature and bad weather affects our mood in a bad way. The real challenge during the winter months is how to stay motivated and continue exercising. To find out a way to motivate ourselves, […]

Why Setting up the Evening Ritual Is Essential for Success

Why Setting up the Evening Ritual Is Essential for Success Morning and evening ritual are important in the life of every successful person. What we usually do in the morning and how we feel when our day begins setting up the tone for the whole day. Our mind depends on a good morning ritual. However, to establish a good morning ritual we need to focus on a preceding evening. If we finish our day too late, drink a lot of […]

What Are the Benefits of Stretching?

What Are the Benefits of Stretching? According to some fitness experts, stretching is important as exercising. It helps our muscles recover faster, protects our body from injuries, and improves our flexibility. Stretching enables our muscles to elongate thus improving our body posture. Namely, during long hours of sitting, we make limited amounts of movements and use a very few muscles. In the long run, it affects our body posture, our bodily movements become stiffer, and our general health begins to […]

How Forgiveness Can Improve Our Health

How Forgiveness Can Improve Our Health Our body and mind cooperate and are inseparable parts of our wholeness. Many types of research point out at forgiveness as essential part of our health. It is responsible for our healthy emotions, fulfilling relationships, and ability to enjoy our lives. Without forgiveness, all of these would be impossible. However, to understand what forgiveness is, we should first find out what it is not. According to psychologists, forgiving and forgetting are not the same. […]

How Empathy Affects Our Health

How Empathy Affects Our Health Today’s modern lifestyle imposes huge pressure on us and forces us to juggle various roles, different tasks, and numerous responsibilities. This constant pressure is the main culprit for our everyday stress. However, the latest research has shown that people who have more empathy are more resilient to stress and its negative influences. According to experts, people who are more able to feel empathy are less likely to pick up unconsciously negative emotions of those with […]

How to Feel More Energized

How to Feel More Energized As we are nearing the end of autumn, we can feel more and more exhausted, sleepy, and without much energy. To feel more energized, we need to find out what drains our energy. Is it poor diet habits, poor sleeping, or everyday stress? Or, maybe our energy flows away for all these reasons. Dietitians suggest eating berries because they can boost our energy level. They also highly recommend avoiding too much sugar, coffee, and energy […]

How to Speed up Metabolism

How to Speed up Metabolism When it comes to metabolism, many of us think about how to speed it up. However, there is no single food like coffee or green tea that can improve metabolism. To speed it up, we need to change our habits and adjust our lifestyle. For that reason, experts suggest not skipping breakfast that can wake up metabolism. They also suggest spending some time outdoors before noon, because daily lights run our biorhythm and help our […]