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Bladder Issues

Bladder Issues Some men trump it up to old age, but recently bladder issues like incontinence (involuntary urination) are becoming more common in the male population. Who or what is the culprit? Could it be caffeine? Besides giving your body a rush of energy, recent research suggests that there may be a link between caffeine intake and bladder leakage in men. Now when most people think of caffeine they think of coffee, but this chemical can come from several other […]

Risk for Heart Disease

Risk for Heart Disease  Most people believe the victims of heart disease are usually obese, overweight or just live an overall unhealthy life style. There is an obvious correlation between fried foods, fast foods, lack of exercise and heart disease, but could there also be a link between erectile dysfunction and risk of heart disease? Though erectile dysfunction may be an unusual risk for heart disease, recent research is suggesting that there is such a link. The more severe a […]

Effects of Food

Effects of Food “The Effects of Food on Your Mood” Food plays a major role in physical fitness, but what about your emotional fitness? It is obvious that in order to be healthy one has to practice good eating habits, but research has proven good eating habits can do more than just slim down that tummy. Food can actually act as a major psychological mood booster. Eating foods high in sugar and saturated fats (chips, cookies, and candies) has obvious […]

What is a Super Food

“What is a Super Food” “What is a Super Food ?” Slimming down, toning up and keeping healthy is a common goal among men, especially when bringing in the New Year. But it takes more than just working out to get the desired body. Nutrition plays a critical role in this process and recently many men are turning towards “super food” to help them along the way. First, what is a super food ? Currently there is no official medical definition. […]