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Genes Linked To Bowel Cancer

Genes Linked To Bowel Cancer Scientists have examined the genes of people with a family history of bowel cancer and in each case have identified that everyone with a faulty particular gene had bowel cancer or a bowel growth. “Researchers from Oxford University and The Institute of Cancer Research, London, scanned the genes of 20 people from families with a strong history of bowel cancer. They found everyone who had a faulty gene designated as either “POLE” or “POLD1” developed […]

The Sunshine Vitamin And It’s Benefits – Vitamin D

The Sunshine Vitamin And It’s Benefits – Vitamin D Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because vitamin D is made in the skin when the skin reacts to ultra violet light from the Sun. Research in the USA shows that almost 10% of children are deficient in Vitamin D and over 60% have insufficient Vitamin D levels. This is shocking news because there is probably the same levels of deficiency in adults and this level of deficiency is probably […]

Drug Eluting Stent Approved For Clogged Arteries In The Leg

Drug Eluting Stent approved for clogged arteries in the leg Drug Eluting Stent approved for clogged arteries in the leg Source: Source: Peripheral arterial disease is basically the clogging of arteries due to deposition of fatty material known as plaque. Usually we are talking about coronary heart disease when we talk about clogged arteries, but this stent covers the artery of the thigh which is responsible for conditions like severe leg pain, untreatable or recurrent ulcers and gangrene […]

Increasing The Aerobic Exercise Routine Could Lead To A Better Satisfied Life

Increasing the aerobic exercise routine could lead to a better satisfied life source:   “Extending the normal exercise routine by a few minutes could ensure higher satisfaction levels among young adults aged 18-25 years, says a new study”  Source: Exercise has not only been recommended physically, but also for a sound mental health; an essential key to a balanced lifestyle. But how could increasing aerobic exercise could lead to better satisfaction levels in life? Several studies were conducted and […]