Increasing The Aerobic Exercise Routine Could Lead To A Better Satisfied Life

Increasing the aerobic exercise routine could lead to a better satisfied life

Increasing the aerobic exercise routine could lead to a better satisfied life

Increasing the aerobic exercise routine could lead to a better satisfied life


  “Extending the normal exercise routine by a few minutes could ensure higher satisfaction levels among young adults aged 18-25 years, says a new study”


Exercise has not only been recommended physically, but also for a sound mental health; an essential key to a balanced lifestyle. But how could increasing aerobic exercise could lead to better satisfaction levels in life?

Several studies were conducted and it was revealed that people who pt an extra efforts in their workouts were far happier and more satisfied with their accomplishments.

Aerobic exercise has been known to increase the release of chemicals known as endorphins which act like happy feeling drugs to the body. The aerobic workout affects the heart in a way that helps the heart to strengthen and improve it’s efficiency while pumping blood.

Since regular exercise helps to improve the blood flow to all organs, the brain benefits from this the most. This leads to better work/ class performance, better moods and an improved lifestyle.

The main reason for conducting this study over the age group 18-25 was the change people went through during this age period. The changes experienced by this age group are mostly drastic; people happen to face the most competition at university and work, social pressures increase during this time period. Any set backs during this period could really bring the self esteem down affecting one’s satisfaction with life.

According to the research people felt more satisfied on days when the worked out. The researchers recruited two groups of college students at Penn State. The first group, consisting of 190 individuals, entered information into a diary every day for eight days.

The second group of 63 individuals, entered information into a secure website every day for 14 days. Both groups answered questions aimed at determining participants’ satisfaction with life, physical activity and self-esteem.

The possibility of depression and stress was considered throughout the trial since these factors cannot be completely excluded at any point in time. However, it was found out that people who exercised lived better satisfied lives as compared to those who exercised less.


The American Heart Association suggests 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity 5 days a week. Walking, running, biking, swimming as well as dancing are great aerobic exercises to make your heat rise and your heart beat faster. If you find it tough to give 30 minutes to an exercise, then you could break it down into 15 minute workouts twice a day.


With such healthy effects on depression and performance, the work committees should consider making gyms or  walking tracks to help promote physical activity in the workers and indirectly improving their performance at work.

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