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Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health?

Is Drinking Coffee Good or Bad for Your Health? We used to think that drinking coffee is not very good for our health. Moreover, we are told that coffee can increase our blood pressure, raise the risk of ulcer and lead to poor cardiovascular health. However, many studies have actually failed to prove the negative effects of drinking coffee. What is more important there are more and more studies that claim many positive sides of drinking coffee. One of them […]

Health Benefits of Tomato Juice

Health Benefits of Tomato Juice By its nutritional content, tomato belongs to a group of the healthiest foods. In ancient times, the tomato had been used as a medicine. Now, this powerful fruit is known as a rich source of anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Nutritionists believe that drinking a glass of tomato juice early in the morning can boost our immunity and strengthen our hearts. According to studies, tomato juice can lower bad cholesterol and raise the good one. Moreover, […]

Health Benefits of Brown Rice

Health Benefits of Brown Rice Brown rice has many health benefits that are not found in white rice. Namely, these two kinds of rice differ by their way of production. In a case of brown rice, the processes remove the only outer layer from it. Therefore, brown rice retains all essential nutrients. On the other hand, refining processes of white rice deprive it of many vitamins, minerals, and fibers. Moreover, white rice needs to be enriched with additional vitamin B1, […]

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods Fermented foods are almost forgotten in our fast-paced modern way of life. In every tradition, fermented foods represented a necessary part of a healthy diet, especially because it was the favorite food in winter. Today, we have many convenient options to store and obtain foods in winter. We use freezers and fresh foods that are imported from different parts of the world. In spite of that, some people become aware of health benefits of traditional […]

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts Walnut is one of the healthiest foods in the world that has been used for thousands of years. Different civilizations were aware of health benefits of walnuts and used them in their diet. According to medical experts, walnuts are the best known for their benefits on cardiovascular health. Studies have shown that only 7 walnuts a day can significantly decrease and eliminate the risk of heart attack. They are well known as the food that lowers […]

How Our Diet Affects Depression?

How Our Diet Affects Depression? According to many studies, there is a strong link between our diet and depression. People who eat real food are less prone to depression than people who lean on processed and junk food. Namely, a recent study shows that people who eat a lot of processed food have 60 percent greater risk to develop depression and anxiety. Medical experts claim that a condition of our gut determines how our brain functions. Actually, it is our […]

Health Benefits of Cocoa

Health Benefits of Cocoa Until the 16th century, cocoa and its health benefits were known for Mayan only. After Spanish explorer found the New World, the other part of the world got a chance to experience miraculous health benefits of this plant. In the past, hot cocoa drink and hot chocolate were used as medicine, especially to improve the mood. Later scientific studies have confirmed its positive effects on our feelings and mood. However, cocoa had far greater benefits than […]

How to Get Enough Vitamin D?

How to Get Enough Vitamin D? Vitamin D is crucial for our bones and muscles. It also greatly affects our heart health and neurological system. Recently, scientists have found out that deficiency of vitamin D influences our mental health in a negative way. According to them, vitamin D is crucial for brain function. However, we often face an important question: How can we get enough vitamin D? Long ago, vitamin D deficiency were not an issue per se as today. […]

Health Benefits of Yogurt

Health Benefits of Yogurt Yogurt is known as one of the healthiest foods that has many benefits to our health. However, according to nutritionists, not each yogurt is healthy. There are so many options in a market and people often is misguided by marketing tricks. Nutritionists recommend opting for the plain yogurt. They also address the most common false belief about yogurt’s health properties. Namely, some people think that fat-free or low-fat yogurt is a healthy option per se. In […]