Health Benefits of Dandelion

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Dandelion has long been considered as pesky weeds that attack beautiful lawns and gardens. However, today scientists confirm its numerous health benefits that we have never imagined. Among other benefits, the most breathtaking one is the dandelion‘s ability to kill cancer cells. Namely, all cells in our body can kill themselves when their times come. In this way, our body releases deadly cells and stay healthy. Problem with cancer cells is that they reject to die. Instead, they multiply. In this way, dangerous and unhealthy cells that our body should release, make invasion that may have lethal consequences. In a study from 2011, scientists have found that dandelion may kill cancer cells, thus preventing many forms of cancer. Surprisingly, it leaves healthy cells intact. Many studies conducted latest have shown the link between the minimizing the risk of breast cancer in women and decreasing the growth of prostate cancer in men. Furthermore, patients with leukemia, lung cancer, and mouth cancer have experienced suppression of this dangerous disease when consuming dandelion tea. To learn how to make this miraculous drink and utilize the health benefits of dandelion, the article “…” gives us the following receipt.

Health Benefits of Dandelion

Dig a handful of dandelion roots any time of the year, it doesn’t matter. Cut the leaves off just below the crown. DO NOT WASH. Then they must be dried around 100 degrees. I do it in an incubator with no water. You can also dry them under a heat light bulb if you raise or lower it so it’s 100 degrees. You can also use the sun or put them in the attic if it’s not too hot. It takes about 5 or 6 days in the incubator.

I have not done this all the way under the heat light. When you break a root and it snaps it is ready to powder. Take an old iron frying pan and a clean hammer. Take one root at a time and place in the frying pan and start tapping. Don’t hit hard or it will fly all over the place. I put my hand around the root to keep most of it in the pan. If it sticks to the hammer and pan and doesn’t crumble in your fingers, it isn’t dry enough. Keep it up until you have enough to start.

It takes about 20 minutes to ½ hour to prepare enough for a week. When you get used to it you can go much faster. I have an old vessel that druggists used to pound pills, this goes much faster. DO NOT USE AN ELECTRIC GRINDER, it won’t work if you do. You lose too much of the good part in dust. You must do it as I have said or don’t do it at all. I’ve tried shortcuts, but it seems someone was looking over my shoulder, and I know when I made a mistake.

I’m just an old farmer and not a scientist, so I wouldn’t know the correct amount to take on my own. Now take a little over one-half teaspoon once a day at any time and mix it with water, orange juice, etc. Do not use in soft drinks, liquor, or anything hot.

When mixed, use it all. Don’t let it stand around. Keep the power in a dry place. After taking it three or four days, you will feel good, but nothing else. That is because your blood is building up. When your blood is happy, you’re happy. In most cases, this will build your immune system in from three days to three weeks to the point it takes back control of cancer cells and thus cancer stops spreading. In most cases, it is going to help. There is no physical feeling as it works. You just feel a little better each week.

Dandelion belongs to a wide family of sunflower. It possesses a lot of vitamin and minerals such as vitamin B complex, iron, vitamin C, zinc, tannins, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, copper, and a huge amount of vitamin K. Namely, scientists have discovered that dandelion contains about 53o percent RDA of vitamin K. It also contains a huge dose of vitamins C. Nutritionists believe that dandelion has 112 percent of the RDA of this essential vitamin. Among numerous benefits, experts link dandelion with bone strength, fighting Alzheimer’s disease, and eye health. Roots, stems, and leaves are edible and can find a place in our diet. We can prepare salads, syrups, tea, juice, or emulsion from dandelion to try out its many health benefits.

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