Health Benefits of Reading

Health Benefits of Reading

For many people, reading is a form of relaxation. However, real science stands behind it Namely, scientific studies have shown that reading has many health benefits and the most beneficial one is reducing stress. A study at the University of Sussex has confirmed that reading may reduce stress by almost 70 percent. It is much more effective than walking, exercising, or listening to the music. Among numerous health benefits, reading shows highly efficient in increasing our capability to empathize with other people. It is not surprising because reading helps us open to different perspectives from ours and helps us develop imagination. In this way, we can easily imagine how it looks like being in other people’s shoes. According to studies, people who have read only one chapter of their favorite book expressed a significant increase in empathy. People who read have also strong emotional skills and build better relationships. Reading affects our way of thinking, transforming it into more positive one. For that reason, people who read have better sleep and suffer less from depression. To learn more about the health benefits of reading, the article “10 Benefits of Reading: Why You Should Read Every Day” gives us the following list.

Health Benefits of Reading

– Mental Stimulation
– Stress Reduction
– Knowledge
– Vocabulary Expansion
– Memory Improvement
– Stronger Analytical Thinking Skills
– Improved Focus and Concentration
– Better Writing Skills
– Tranquility
– Free Entertainment

Even though reading possesses a lot of health benefits, many people struggle to build this positive habit. To do so, experts encourage us to make a list of small steps that will help us read more. For example, we may read one page before we go to sleep every night, or read about 30 minutes every other night. The hardest thing is just to begin. When we go through the first several pages, we will develop a relationship with a main character and reading will simply come naturally. As a motivational factor, we just need to remind ourselves about the health benefits of reading and go on. When we feel the benefits on our own, we will become avid readers.

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