The Importance of Selenium

The Importance of Selenium


Selenium is a trace mineral essential for our health. Even though our bodies need a little amount of it to function properly, many people fail to meet daily recommended dose and stay healthy. Namely, all selenium comes from the soil. If the soil lacks this essential mineral or does not have enough of it, the foods produced by that soil will show the same deficiencies. For that reason, people who only eat foods produced locally may show signs of low selenium in the body. This is especially the case when people live in the countries where the soil does not provide enough of selenium. On the other hand, people who eat processed food, usually experience lack of selenium. These deficiencies often express as problems with the immune system, increased levels of oxidative stress, and fertility problems. Namely, many studies reveal antioxidative effects of selenium on our health. In this way, lack of selenium may contribute to heart disease, atherosclerosis, viral diseases, inflammation, and other diseases that are caused by oxidative stress. On the other hand, our immunity greatly depends on selenium level. Therefore, low selenium might contribute to autoimmune disease and even cancer. To learn more about the importance of selenium, the article “Selenium Benefits, Signs of Deficiency, & Foods” lists the following benefits.

The Importance of Selenium

1. Acts as an Antioxidant & Defends Against Oxidative Stress
2. Helps Defend Against Cancer
3. Boosts Immunity
4. Improves Blood Flow & Lowers Chance of Heart Disease
5. Regulates Thyroid Function
6. Increases Longevity
7. Helps Reduce Asthma Symptoms
8. Can Help Boost Fertility

As we have seen how important selenium is, we need to increase its daily dose. Foods that contain large quantities of selenium are Brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, sardines, salmon, tuna, cod, eggs, liver, beef, chicken meat, turkey, mushrooms, and so on. Medical experts also warn us that selenium may have side effects if we take too much of it. Fortunately, we could not overdose by eating foods rich in selenium. This warning is valuable for taking supplements only. According to experts, too much selenium may lead to diabetes and other side effects.

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