What Is Integrity and How to Build It?

What Is Integrity and How to Build It?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Integrity usually means acting in accordance with our inner values even though we go through hardships. Integrity refers to our relationships and how we relate to other people. Namely, we can build integrity if we keep our promises. In this way, when we stay true to ourselves and keep our word, we act with integrity. Taking responsibility for our actions and treating other people with respect and compassion represent one more building block of integrity. Living with integrity help us being self-confident and feeling good about ourselves and our environment. Integrity is highly valued in a workplace and among our relatives, colleagues and family members, as well. It helps us develop trust. It lies at the core of our lives. But, to build integrity, we need to know ourselves as much as possible. We may take some time to find out what are our core values and act accordingly. When we make choices that are in alignment with our values and do this consistently, it is the sign that we act and live with integrity. To find out more about what is integrity and how to build it, the article “…” gives us the following explanation.

What Is Integrity and How to Build It?

Resolving to adopt a lifestyle of integrity is a decision that will affect all aspects of your daily pursuits — your activities on a personal level as well as on behalf of your family and business. It all starts with the desire to take a self-inventory to discover needs you’re not currently fulfilling in your life and then deciding to take actions to change this. First and foremost, this process involves declaring an intention that you follow through on with appropriate commitments and actions.

1. Make promises and keep them.

2. Be honest in all your communications.

3. Be honest in all your communications.

4. Stay focused.

5. Allow for the proper influences.

If we are still not sure what integrity is and how to build it, being honest might be the key. When we are honest with ourselves, our choices, actions, decisions, and other people, then we feel good and strong. When our actions express who we really are and what are our beliefs, chances are that we have developed a strong integrity. But, to build integrity, we need time and practice. A good time to practice integrity is during challenges. Instead of complaining about difficult life circumstances, we might see them as opportunities to develop our character and build integrity.

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