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How to Increase Intake of Antioxidants

How to Increase Intake of Antioxidants Antioxidants are essential in a defense system and work against the free radicals. They have an ability to neutralize negative effects of free radicals on our health. According to medical experts, activities of free radicals can significantly damage our cells and can cause irreversible changes in our DNA. They are a frequent cause of many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, various forms of cancer, sterility, liver disease, etc. New researches show their influence on speeding […]

How Do Free Radicals Affect Our Health?

How Do Free Radicals Affect Our Health? Among medical experts, free radicals get a lot of attention. They considered them responsible for aging as well as for many other health conditions such as cancer, heart diseases, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, and so on. According to them, free radicals greatly contribute in speeding or lowering the aging process depending on whether they are increasing or decreasing in our bodies. But, what are free radicals? How do they form? Free radicals occur […]

Natural Remedies for Sinusitis

Natural Remedies for Sinusitis Medical experts recognize two types of sinusitis: acute and chronic sinusitis. Usually, acute sinusitis lasts up to one month, while chronic sinusitis lasts longer or has recurrent phases. Even though they recommend using the medicine for acute sinusitis, especially if the cause is bacteria, they suggest natural remedies to prevent acute sinusitis from turning into a chronic one. Sinusitis or inflammation of nasal tissue usually occurs as a result of viral or bacterial infection. If left […]

The Effects of Time-Off in Productivity

The Effects of Time-Off in Productivity According to a recent research, our resources are not infinite. We all are equipped with different skills as well as mental, emotional, physical and spiritual resources, which require renewal from time to time. All of them have a great impact on our productivity. For example, if we are too long under the pressure and try to overcome this situation by working harder and longer, it will affect our productivity in a bad way. Namely, […]

Pomegranate – Health Benefits

Pomegranate – Health Benefits Pomegranate is a powerful fruit with amazing health benefits. Its power had been known in Ancient Civilizations and the country of its origin, Persia. In Egypt, the pomegranate was an inevitable part of the ritual that accompanied someone’s death. However, pomegranate has been neglected by our modern society for ages. It’s until recently that western medicine recognizes health benefits of pomegranate. And indeed, there are plenty of them. Studies show the most beneficial effects of pomegranate […]

Differences Between Men and Women When It Comes to Exercising

Differences Between Men and Women When It Comes to Exercising Men and women are born different. Our physical differences create two interesting approaches to exercising. Not only our bodies, but our brains too are wired distinctively causing two different types of motivation. While men enjoy in lifting weights, considering a good workout to be the hardest one that cause sweating, women like dancing elements to be included and prefer to be entertained. In general, women do not like lifting weights, […]

Characteristics of Happy People

Characteristics of Happy People According to psychologists, happiness is not an inherent human condition; it is rather set of habits that enable the person to live fully, depending on her/his potentials. They even point out at the common traits of happy and unhappy people. What makes the difference between these two groups are their habits, things they do every day. Each of us can have a happy life. However, it depends on how we define happiness. Many spiritual leaders teach […]

How Do Clothes Affect Our Health?

How Do Clothes Affect Our Health? Many of us wear clothes that make us comfortable, some of us like trendy clothes while others prefer clothes that make them looking good. However, not many of us ask ourselves – how do clothes affect our health? Namely, the rapid growth of technology enables clothing manufacturers to apply new ways of treating materials to make clothes more resistant, waterproof, wrinkle free, more durable and stain resistant. According to them, they apply these processes […]