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How to Avoid Boredom on Treadmill

How to Avoid Boredom on Treadmill Running for many people is an activity they associate with fresh air, nature and changeable background. Running outdoors has many benefits. It benefits our body, physical condition, and our mental health. However, many of us cannot run during winter because of its cold temperature and brisk air. We have only one option – treadmill. A treadmill is a good substitute for outdoor running, but a lot of people report shortages when doing cardio in […]

Can Flossing Prevent Gum Disease?

Can Flossing Prevent Gum Disease? Good oral hygiene is essential to keep our teeth and gingiva healthy. Dental experts warn us that bacteria that are spread by plaque can affect not only the teeth and gums but also our heart health. Some go deeper than that claiming that microorganisms from our mouths can cause even breast cancer in women. We all know what good dental hygiene is – teeth brushing at least twice a day and regular, everyday flossing. However, […]

How to Increase Workout Motivation

How to Increase Workout Motivation Motivation is the main factor in regular exercising. Every novice struggles with motivation, whether a greater or a lesser extent. Before we make exercising a habit, we will face many ups and downs, and that is completely normal. Each good habit needs time, consistency, compassion, and repetition. If we constantly blame ourselves for skipping training, we will stay forever in our down phase and not build exercising a new habit. To make exercising routine, we […]

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome Computers, tablets, and mobile telephones become an unavoidable working environment in a majority of our everyday jobs. Even though they help us work faster and easier, they also introduce the whole new area of problems. One of them is computer vision syndrome or CVS, the common medical issue that affects our eyes, neck and back. Namely, many people today spend a significant amount of hours by staring at computers. According to experts, reading from computer screen puts […]

How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes


How to Choose the Right Sports Shoes According to experts, the most important part of sports equipment that can prevent our body from injuries and accidents are training shoes. However, many of us do not pay much attention to shape, material, and purpose of sports shoes. We simply reach out to our last favorite shoes without even considering whether they are the right choice for our specific training type. Sports experts explain that each specific training requires a distinct pair […]

Keeping a Good Balance Between Sodium and Potassium Is Essential for Heart Health

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Keeping a Good Balance Between Sodium and Potassium Is Essential for Heart Health Sodium and potassium ratio is a crucial factor for heart health. When this ratio is in a good balance, our blood pressure remains stable within a normal range. However, salt has been considered as the main culprit for high blood pressure for many years. Doctors suggest their patients a diet with as little as possible salts. They thought that the salt affected blood pressure and heart health […]