How to Increase Workout Motivation

How to Increase Workout Motivation


Motivation is the main factor in regular exercising. Every novice struggles with motivation, whether a greater or a lesser extent. Before we make exercising a habit, we will face many ups and downs, and that is completely normal. Each good habit needs time, consistency, compassion, and repetition. If we constantly blame ourselves for skipping training, we will stay forever in our down phase and not build exercising a new habit. To make exercising routine, we need to be more compassionate toward ourselves. We need to learn not to stick with down phase, but stand up and start again. Starting over and over again is the key factor in establishing exercising our everyday routine. A good idea can be a simple walk, for those who are not impressed with the sterile environment of the gym. According to scientists, brisk walk shows even better outcomes on our heart health than running. But, before we begin to practice brisk walk, casual walk of 30 minutes a day will be optimal. The important thing is to stay persistent with it until it becomes our new habit. We need compassion because we have to remind ourselves that we are at the beginning of a new habit, and the failures are the byproduct of the process. Without compassion, we will create negative self-talk that can result in giving up. If we want to ensure that we will not give up, we need a goal. To find out more about goals, and other factors that can help us increase workout motivation, the article “5 Way to Get Motivated” gives us the following tips.

How to Increase Workout Motivation

Be Positive
In your own training, reframe the way you think about success and failure. Instead of beating yourself up about missing a lift, think about the things you’ve done well ­ like, at least, getting into the gym that night ­ and build on those things. Simply thinking in a different way will help you realize how effective positive reinforcement can be.

Hold Yourself AccountableWhen you fall a little short, think about how you could have done something different. If you don’t know your own potential, you’ll never reach it. You won’t even come close. But pushing yourself each and every day will help you figure out how good you can be.

Work on Your Work Ethic
You might have good genetics, and maybe you can still see your abs despite a few weekends of drive-thru and too many beers. But it won’t stay like that forever, and the way you can make sure you succeed at staying fit is continuing to work hard in the gym, and in the kitchen.

Know Your Goals
For you, decide what you want to achieve before you get to the gym and start warming up, and make sure you’re eating the right way at all your meals. Otherwise, you’ll have a hard time seeing changes in your body.

However, if we want to set the goal and stick to it, we need to associate it with pleasurable feelings. Some experts advise us to reward ourselves after workout or visualize how we want to feel or what we want to achieve. A good question that can emerge through visualization is to ask ourselves what holds us back. It is the first step that can speed up our process and helps us increase workout motivation.

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