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How Does Beer Affect Belly Fat?

How Does Beer Affect Belly Fat? Beer is the most popular beverage in the world, especially in men. It tastes good, has refreshing properties and ideal quantity of alcohol. For many men, it is a perfect drink. In spite of its popularity, beer has less favorable side – it causes belly fat to grow. But, how? In comparison with other alcohol drinks, it has a relative lesser alcohol quantity, c. 170 calories, results in men’s consumption of more pints of […]

How to Recover Muscles from Overtraining

How to Recover Muscles from Overtraining We all need exercise in order to feel better, work effectively and maintain a healthy body. Exercise is the one of the most important things when we think about healthy lifestyle. Many scientific studies confirmed its benefits on our overall health condition. Even though the lack of physical activities can cause different issues and slowly deteriorate our organism, an extreme exercising can also have some consequences. In fact, there is a tiny line between […]

Diet That Prevents Muscles from Deterioration

Diet That Prevents Muscles from Deterioration Even though, we tend to perceive aging in our modern society as something unwanted, which we would rather avoid, it is a quite natural stage in our lives. Aging, also, leads to muscle deterioration in our body. If we accept aging and its consequences as a regular part of our life cycle, it will be easier to take action and reduce its negative effects. We cannot ignore this process, because it is the main […]

Muscles Deteriorate with Aging

Muscles Deteriorate with Aging One of the signs of aging is loss of muscles or sarcopenia. Even though losing muscle mass begins in the late 20s, many men start realizing this around their 50s. In the beginning, muscle deterioration is not visible and considered insignificant. However, if a man’s lifestyle is mainly sedentary, medical experts claim that he can lose from 3 to 5 percent of his muscles per decade. In his 50s, if his lifestyle remains the same, he […]

What Fats Are Good and Healthy?

What Fats Are Good and Healthy? Fat cells are necessary for our survival. Without them, our body could not function optimally. They give us energy and the fat, we have not utilized, stores and accumulates in our body as energy reserves. Fat cells, also, help us to maintain thermoregulation. In adult men, fat reserves accumulate in certain body areas such as the chest, buttocks, and abdomen. But, what fats we need to include in our diet and what their benefits […]

What Causes Belly Fat?

What Causes Belly Fat? Most people are concerned about belly fat and its negative effects on their health. For this very reason, they are most interested in reducing belly fat easy and thorough. However, before taking action in order to lose accumulated fat around the waistline, it could be wise to explore why belly fat forms and what causes it. That could explain why so many people cannot lose weight in spite of rigorous diet and intense exercise regime. Understanding […]

How to Prevent Spring Allergies

How to Prevent Spring Allergies Spring brings the flowers, trees, and other plants to leaf, blossom, and spread their odor through the air. Even though, it enhances our mood, not all of us enjoy this fruitful season. People, who suffer from allergies, consider this period as a nightmare. Their watery eyes, running nose, and coughing point out on serious allergy. Their bodies react, mainly, to pollen with fighting response, creating a number of antibodies that strike allergens, releasing histamines. On […]

Men and Spring Tiredness

Men and Spring Tiredness For many of us, spring represents the most beautiful period of our planet, when the whole nature wakes up from the long and the lifeless period of winter hibernation. However, the spring can be a tricky period if we fail to adapt properly. A sudden burst of life, longer days, and higher temperature – all of that affect our body and call us to action. Usually, we can find ourselves highly motivated and enthusiastic about the […]