Men and Spring Tiredness

Men and Spring Tiredness


For many of us, spring represents the most beautiful period of our planet, when the whole nature wakes up from the long and the lifeless period of winter hibernation. However, the spring can be a tricky period if we fail to adapt properly. A sudden burst of life, longer days, and higher temperature – all of that affect our body and call us to action. Usually, we can find ourselves highly motivated and enthusiastic about the many activities we want to do, but in truth, our body hesitates to follow our ambitions at the same pace. A sudden feeling of tiredness and exhaustion indicates clearly that our body is not ready yet for higher activities. It just needs time. In order to help a body to adapt and cope easier with spring tiredness, the article “Battle Spring Fever With These Outdoor Exercises” suggests some types of outdoor activities.

Men and Spring Tiredness

• Walking. Not only is walking a great way to get some fresh air and sunshine after being cooped up all winter, it’s also great exercise if you do it right.
For an optimal workout, walk for an hour a day at least three days a week. You should also alter your pace during the walk, i.e. go as fast as you can
for a minute, then a slower pace for a minute, etc. This will get your heart pumping without having to do a hard workout. If you’re bored of walking
around your neighborhood, why not visit a nature park or zoo.

• Yoga. Sure, nowadays yoga is done in your living room or in a gym, but this art was made to be done in the great outdoors. So tote your yoga mat to the
park or just to the backyard. This can give you a workout and calm your nerves at the same time.

• Swimming. Want to get a fantastic full body workout while your kids are playing? Then take them down to the community pool. Many pools have an area for
kids to splash and play while the adults swim laps. Just make sure not to leave any child that doesn’t know how to swim without adult supervision. And
when you’re done with your laps, maybe you can splash and play with your kids too.

• Volleyball. This sport doesn’t have to be played inside with a ref; you can play at a sand volleyball court, or just set up a net in your back yard.
Volleyball is a great way to socialize with your friends, or to meet new people by joining a league.

• Biking. More and more cities and towns are putting in bike paths. These are a great way to get a work out without risking serious injury by biking on
rough terrain. However, if you’re up for a challenge, there are probably paths through woods, hills, mountains, or some other difficult, but rewarding
terrain. Just be sure to wear proper safety equipment no matter where you’re biking.

• Hiking. If you want to get out and go, and you’re up for an adventure, why don’t you take the family and go for a hike. You can experience nature, get a
great workout, get some fresh air, and spend some quality bonding time with your family.

Physical activity and spending time in nature are the great ways to encourage our organism to adjust itself on seasonal changes. Even though weather conditions can vary, spending at least 30 minutes in nature will boost our immunity. A huge amount of light has, also, many benefits on our health and supports out metabolism to use better food nutrients, especially vitamin D and C. Whatever outdoor activity we decide to follow, it is important to remember that our body goes through transition and will not react well if we push it beyond its boundaries. A key word is ‘balance’, which means that our highest priority during this moody period should be maintaining balance between active and relaxing periods. Keeping a good balance, a healthy diet, and hidratation can ease the process of bodily transition.

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