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High Cholesterol: Myths and Facts

High Cholesterol: Myths and Facts Most of us incline to believe that cholesterol is dangerous. When thinking about heart disease, the first risk factor that comes to our mind is the high level of cholesterol. However, there is no medical evidence till today that proves the link between total cholesterol levels and cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, the whole idea of lowering cholesterol does not prove itself as beneficial for our health. On the contrary, conventional medicine encourages us to lower our […]

Men and Competitiveness: How to Be Competitive in a Healthy Way?

Men and Competitiveness: How to Be Competitive in a Healthy Way? In our modern world, especially in the last few years when we are all experiencing the great turbulences in global economy, the pressure on our working places becomes huge as well as the struggle to maintain our existence on certain levels. In these times of tremendous fluctuations, the sense of insecurity becomes number one motivational factor that can lead to unhealthy competition and bad relationships, not only with our […]

Men and Belly Fat

Men and Belly Fat Our modern lifestyle focused on comfort, leaves us with very little spare time that most of us spend watching too much television, eating too much, using excessively technical gadgets, and finding no time for exercising. All of these lead very often to obesity and weak overall condition. We have struggled out of proportion to fulfill the expectations from our family, relatives, coworkers, bosses, etc and live up by their standards. The list is pretty long. In […]

What Type of Watch to Wear?

What Type of Watch to Wear? Since the beginning of time, humans were amazed and intrigued by the concept of time. Time has been always considered as a category that is not under the human’s domain. We have no control of it. It might be that wearing a watch in our contemporary time, especially a nice one, gives us some impression of mastering the time. And if we are successful in managing the time, we surely have control of our […]

How Does Our Relationship with Mother Affect Our Romantic Relationships?

How Does Our Relationship with Mother Affect Our Romantic Relationships? The first and most important relationships in our life have been created during the early childhood, in our family. By watching our parents, we learn how to bond with others, how to express our needs and how to love and accept ourselves and others. The both parents are necessary for a healthy development of our relationships. However, very often our relation with the parent of the opposite sex greatly affects […]

How to Restore Self-Confidence

How to Restore Self-Confidence Since prehistoric times, when men were supposed to be hunters, our society still imposed certain expectations that men have to fulfill. It has still been expected that men have to be achievers and providers for their families that cause great difficulties in men in the current time of financial crises. These difficulties are especially hard if a man finds himself identifying too much with the role of achiever and provider, while at the same time facing […]

Snoring in Men

Snoring in Men Snoring happens occasionally for many of us, but for some people snoring happens regularly, especially in men. According to statistics, 45% of men and 30% of women regularly snore. Regardless of its frequency, if occurs on a regular basis, snoring is a problem that has to be addressed. With 6% of people, snoring is followed by pauses in breathing which is recognized as sleep apnea, a condition that increases the risk of heart attack, diabetes and stroke. […]