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How Does One Effectively Remove Nail Fungi?

How Does One Effectively Remove Nail Fungi? Onychomycosis, or nail fungi, has been around for quite some time. Because of the prevalence of public swimming pools, public restrooms, and public saunas, nail fungal infection is common among people nowadays. Men, who are more prone to sweating profusely and developing diseases such as diabetes, are more prone than women when it comes to fungi development. Athletes in particular are at a great risk of developing nail fungi because of several reasons. The first has to do with […]

MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution

MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution – A Cure for Malaria, Cancer, Aids, Swine Flu and more??? A simple solution discovered by Jim Humble could become the greatest medical discovery in history – if it’s not suppressed by the Pharmaceutical Cartel that is! MMS has the ability to selectively kill almost every known virus, bacteria, parasite, germ, and most fungus…..check out Jim’s web site now! MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution I hope you do not think that The Miracle Mineral Supplement […]

Becoming a Licensed Chiropractor in the United States

Becoming a Licensed Chiropractor in the United States When chiropractics first began with Daniel Palmer, there were no schools, no course of study, and not much research that would enable others to come to similar conclusions. Fortunately, when Mr. Palmer realizes that he was on the cutting edge of alternative medical healing, he and his son Bartlett after him, chose to go ahead and found a school that would permit interested individuals to take up a course of study that […]

Alternative Cancer Therapies – Magnetic Resonance Therapy

Alternative Cancer Therapies – Magnetic Resonance Therapy There is considerable controversy about the healing effects of magnets and electro-magnetic fields. Those advocating the therapy claim it can relieve pain caused by arthritis, headaches, including migraine, and stress. It is also claimed the therapy can heal broken bones, improve circulation, reverse degenerative diseases, and cure cancer. You will also find arguments that magnets positioned over areas of pain or disease strengthen the healing capability of the body. Some believe that magnetic […]

Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Migraines

Natural Ways to Treat and Prevent Migraines Any number of things can trigger a migraine in a susceptible person, including allergies, constipation, low blood sugar, stress, liver malfunction, too much or too little sleep, emotional changes, hormonal changes, sun glare, flashing lights, lack of exercise and changes in barometric pressure.  Most people that suffer from migraine headaches take medication often, which is unfortunate.  There are many natural ways to treat and prevent migraines, and it doesn’t involve prescription and non-prescription […]

Cigarette Smoking Responsible for 1 of 5 Deaths

Cigarette Smoking Responsible for 1 of 5 Deaths You are feeling exhausted and stressed today. You were working all day and yet the pile of stuff to do seems to be growing more and more by the second. You reach out for your cigarette box, and fish out your lighter from your pocket. But before you light up that stick of yours, here is a reminder: smoking can kill you. Everybody faces his or her own death in time. But you can maximize […]

General Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis

General Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis Often if a parents know they are both carriers of the recessive CF gene they will have undergone DNA testing and realize there is a chance their child will have cystic fibrosis. Testing can be done before the baby is born to see if they have the mutant gene. The disease cannot be treated until after birth, but it does give parents time to educate themselves about the disease and emotionally prepare for the birth […]

Protecting the prostate gland against BPH

Protecting the prostate gland against BPH Prostate gland is an essential part that constitutes the reproductive system of men. Like other glands, it secretes hormones or fluid that enables sperm cells to become active and have longer life. It is by far important to the sperm cells to ensure that unification of egg and sperm cells occurs. Again, like other glands in the body, this walnut size gland is also susceptible to diseases, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. […]

Health Care for men is a resource for men interested in taking control of their own health.

Health Care For Men The Health Care For Men website provides easy to understand medical information on men’s health issues. Over time we aim to become a complete resource on the major problems facing health care for men. We hope to include information on the latest research findings, on diseases, cures and therapies. We at Health Care For Men are agnostic in our approach and we will list articles and therapies that are conventional and unconventional in nature. We leave it […]