Top 7 Ways To Boost Your Immune System (ft. Coronavirus)

improvement bill here recently I’ve been
following the news on the newcoronavirus pretty closely and I might
be paranoid but I feel like at the ratethis is advancing it will soon be an out
of control worldwide pandemic withmillions of infections
hopefully I’m wrong and by the time thisvideo is animated and uploaded it isn’t
as widespread we’re out of control as Ifeel like it might be but in the case
that I’m right one of the best thingsyou should be doing other than taking
preventative measures is to boost andstrengthen your immune system see unlike
bacterial infections which can be foughtagainst using antibiotics if you have a
viral infection it’s almost entirely upto your immune system to fight it off
even if you go to the hospital unlessthey’ve managed to create a vaccine or
discover a cure since the writing ofthis script all they can really do is
help support you they basically justkeep you alive so that your immune
system can fight longer so I think it’sextremely important to talk about a
couple of things that you should bedoing every single day in order to get
your body battle ready to fight off anyinfection that comes your way so today
we’re gonna talk about the seven thingsyou need to be doing to boost and
strengthen your immune system quicklittle disclosure I am NOT a licensed
health professional take all the adviceI am about to give with a grain of salt
and ask your family doctor before makingany lifestyle changes other than that
let’s jump right into it starting off atnumber one we have cold showers a study
conducted in 2015 took over 3,000participants who never took cold showers
before and had them take 90 second coldshowers daily for just 30 days the
researchers found a whopping 29 percentreduction in sickness absences for those
in the group that stuck to this regimenthat is an incredibly high number but
what’s happening within your body whenyou take these cold showers why is it so
effective at warding off sickness wellscientists have discovered that when you
take cold showers your body actuallyends up producing more white blood cells
these are essentially the foot soldiersof the immune system when your body is
under attack by a bacterial or a viralinfection your white blood cells are the
ones that rush in to eliminate themvader’s and fun facts some of them do
this by literally devouring the enemypretty cool huh
this isn’t the only benefit that comeswith cold showers cold showers have been
shown to promote weight loss increasedwillpower reduce depression improve your
skin and hair promote faster musclerecovery and reduce stress which brings
us to the second thing you should bedoing to strengthen your immune system
which is reducing stress in 2004professor Suzanne serger storm of the
University of Kentucky reviewed over 300studies on the effect of stress on our
body and health her meta-analysis foundthat long-term stress leads to a
significant decline in one’s immunity inregards to all aspects this occurs
because when you are under stress yourbody produces a hormone called cortisol
now cortisol isn’t inherently bad it’sactually good for you in the short term
because it helps your body reduce levelsof inflammation throughout the body but
if you are stressed for long periods oftime your body will continue to release
cortisol and you start building up animmunity to it the cortisol starts
becoming less and less effective atdoing its job which eventually causes
you to start suffering from moreinflammation throughout the body now
you’ve probably heard about inflammationbefore but why is it considered to be
bad well inflammation is your body’snatural response to any form of harmful
stimuli whether it’s a physical woundtoxic compounds or even pathogens such
as bacteria or viruses so it’s actuallynot a bad thing in the short term just
like how cortisol isn’t bad in the shortterm but when you suffer from
inflammation for long periods of time itstarts to damage your healthy cells and
organs including your brain and heartwhich mean Lusa say is not good if your
body also has to deal with a viralinfection at the same time which is why
you need to be reducing your stress andone of the best ways to do this is by
meditating which has been shown time andtime again in numerous studies to
significantly reduce levels of stressnext up on our list the third thing you
should be doing every single day foryour immune system is making sure that
you’re getting enough vitamin D vitaminD is actually one of the most important
vitamins when it comes to a properlyworking immune system it’s so important
in fact that almost all white bloodcells have vitamin D receptors on them
why is that well vitamin D plays a sortof balancing role
your immune system is a very complex anddelicate system that requires just the
right amount of stimulation in order tofunction at its best if there is too
much stimulation you end up withautoimmune disease where your immune
system ends up attacking your own bodybut if there is too little stimulation
you become more prone to infection andillnesses and vitamin D is what helps
regulate this balance it’s so importantin fact that a study conducted in 2017
by a professor Adrienne Martin knew whojust so happens to specialize in
respiratory infections coronavirus foundthat taking vitamin D supplements reduce
the odds of developing respiratoryinfection by a whopping 42 percent in
people who had low levels of vitamin Dwhich fun fact according to a 2011 study
41 percent of Americans have so there isa decent chance that you might actually
be the fishing when it comes to thisextremely important vitamin but the only
way to make sure of this is to get yourblood work done which is why I’m
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have to take off a day of work or makean appointment the testing can be done
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coverage it is far cheaper than what itwould cost to get your blood work done
at your local clinic or hospital I’mtalking about like 10 to 20 times more
affordable I personally recommend takinga look at your vitamin D levels and also
your cortisol levels which again isrelated to stress so that you can gain
some insight on how your body iscurrently functioning they also offer
testing for things like testosteroneestrogen your thyroid and even iron ore
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your overall health and they even offerfull STD checks and the best part is
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for 20% of anything in their entirestore full disclosure I am an affiliate
for let’s get checked so I will begetting compensated if you decide to try
out their service now back to the topicat hand if you find that you’re
deficient in vitamin D the best thing todo is to either get more sunlight or to
start supplementing with vitamin D ifyou live in an area where there isn’t
much sunlight moving on the fourth thingyou should be doing every day in order
to make sure that your immune system isfunctioning at its best is making sure
that you’re getting enough high-qualitysleep
numerous studies have found that whenyou are sleep-deprived your levels of
t-cells go down the t-cell is a specialtype of white blood cell that plays a
major role on the frontlines againstbacterial and viral invaders so needless
to say it’s pretty bad to have reducedlevels of t-cells if you are trying to
fight off an infection other studieshave found that lack of sleep causes a
reduced production of antibodies whenpeople are given vaccines now this is
pretty important because antibodies areone of the main tools needed to fight
off viral infections I like to think ofthem as special homing missiles when you
are infected with a new virus for thefirst time your body will start creating
these special missiles that are uniquelydesigned to target and destroy this
specific new virus after fighting offthe infection your body will keep the
blueprints to remember how to make thesemissiles so the next time the same virus
comes around you will be able to quicklyproduce the right antibodies and
eliminate the enemy before it can makeyou sick this is basically how vaccines
make you immune against certain virusesby giving you the blueprints ahead of
time the rate of which your body is ableto produce these antibodies after a new
infection will determine how quickly yourecover so if the production rate of
these antibodies are slowed downsignificantly because of lack of sleep
you will get sick faster stay sicklonger and have much more severe
symptoms then if you are getting properamounts of sleep every single day so try
your best to get a full good night’ssleep
which can range anywhere from 6 to 10hours depending on person-to-person next
up on our list the fifth thing youshould be doing every single day is
moderate exercise and the key word hereis moderate C a study was conducted in
2005 where they took a group of miceinjected all of them with a deadly mouse
version of the flu virus the researchersthen divided the mice into three groups
the first group was given no task theywere simply allowed to rest in their
cages the second group was tasked with amoderate amount of exercise every single
day which amounted to about 30 minutesof running on a treadmill and the final
group was given the task of rigorousexercise they were forced to run for two
and a half hours on the treadmillnon-stop every single day and here were
the results 50% of the mice were taskedwith nothing ended up dying only 12% of
the mice were tasked with moderateexercise died and a whopping 70% of the
mice who are tasked with rigorousexercise ended up dying what this
experiment suggests is that exercise isgood for your immune system up to a
certain point if you are working out toohard it can actually hinder your immune
system and this theory seems totranslate to us humans as well studies
that have looked at ultra marathonrunners found that people have a 2 to 6
times higher chance of developing somesort of respiratory infection
immediately after completing a marathonso the key here is to make sure that
you’re getting some level of exerciseevery single day nothing too crazy you
can jog a little bit on a treadmill youcan go to the gym and lift some weights
for like an hour but don’t push yourselfway too hard and do a full-body two-hour
workout routine every single day becausethe research suggests that it will
probably do more harm than goodespecially when it comes to fighting off
infections next up on our list the sixththing you should be doing is improving
the quality of the air that you breathea study conducted in 2017 and published
in the Journal of immunology discoveredthat carbon nanoparticles which are a
byproduct found in car exhausts and inthe air in big cities can alter and
hinder the function of certain importantproteins in our immune system another
study conducted in 2010 took a look atabout 200 kids from California and found
that kids who are exposed to higherlevels of air pollution has suppressed
levels of regulatory t-cells which are aspecial type of white blood cell that
helps regulate your immune system and ifyou live in an area where there’s a lot
of cigarette smoke or if you are asmoker
yourself there are numerous numerousstudies that link the exposure to
cigarette smoke with a suppressed immunesystem all signs point to the fact that
air pollution is bad for you now forthose of you that don’t smoke you’re
probably wondering well how in the worldcan I improve the air quality where I
live right it’s not like I can just moveto a less polluted city well if you have
the funds you can invest in an airpurifier and put it in your bedroom and
living room or if you have a tightbudget you could simply purchase some
plants for your house a study conductedby NASA found that the peace lily and
the English ivy actually filter out manyof the dangerous compounds found in the
air in polluted cities so that is anoption as well and finally the last
thing on our list of ways to boost andstrengthen your immune system is making
sure that you’re well nourished what Imean by this well there’s always been
talk about supplementing with thingslike vitamin C E and a in the form of
multivitamins to ward off sickness butto be honest studies seem to suggest
that unless you were already deficientin any of these things taking
supplements wouldn’t really do anythingyou could take a multivitamin if you
want but it’s probably better to focuson making sure that you’re eating a
well-balanced diet that can provide youwith all of the nutrients and minerals
needed to maintain a healthy immunesystem this means that you should be
eating enough protein enough healthyfats enough leafy green vegetables and
fruits every single day but again if youare worried about whether or not you are
deficient in certain vitamins you couldhead on over to www. imtcva. org and b12
because well we talked about why vitaminD is super important in regards to
regulating your immune system andvitamin b12 actually plays a huge huge
role in white blood cell production soit’s a very important vitamin as well
other than that these are the seventhings you need to be doing to make sure
that your immune system is in tip-topshape
so that you’re prepared to ward off anyincoming infections again
they are taking cold showers we’reDoosan your stress getting enough
vitamin D getting enough high-qualitysleep
moderate exercise improving your airquality and making sure that you are
well nourished I hope you stay healthyand stay tuned

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