Some Important Nutrients for Men

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Some Important Nutrients for Men

Men who are interested in living as long as possible and maintaining good energy levels need vitamins and they can get these viramins from their food or through supplements. While all vitamins benefit men, there are specific vitamins for men that often boost their health greatly. If you are lacking in certain vitamins as a man, there are negative consequences such as harm to your immune system, development of skin conditions and even digestive or cardiovascular problems. This is why you should get a physical checkup every few months and inquire about the best vitamins for men.

Some Important Nutrients for Men

 Vitamin D

 This vitamin is important for men because it allows them to absorb calcium better in their bodies. The University of Texas also released a medical study that shows the importance of vitamin D in the removal of lithocholic acid, a toxic that is often found in fatty foods that are unhealthy for men. Since lithocholic acid also contributes to cancerous cells in the body, this vitamin reduces cancer growth. Good sources of vitamin D are sunshine, milk, leafy greens and lean meats.


 While men are less likely to get osteoporosis than women, one of the main vitamins for men is calcium because you need it to have strong and healthy bones, particularly as you age. The same dietary sources of vitamin D are the same good sources of calcium, and you can also eat fruits and take calcium supplements to get the necessary amount during the week. You need between 1000 and 1200 milligrams a day.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

 You need omega 3 fatty acids because according to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers for men in the United States. The foundation also mentioned that thre isn’t a definite form or prevention but men can make lifestyle changes that reduce their chances. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce inflammation in your prostate. Good sources of omega 3 fatty acids are tuna, salmon, halibut and fish oil supplements.

Vitamin A

 If you want better vision and a well-functioning reproductive system as a man, one of the best vitamins for men you can take is vitamin A because this vitamin is good for improving these aspects of the man’s body. For example, this vitamin increases testosterone production. Carrots and sweet potatoes are excellent sources of vitamin A.

Vitamin C

 If you have a family history of heart disease in your family and you’re a young man, you should consume vitamin C daily because the vitamin reduces your risk heart failure by 42% according to medical researchers. In addition, you also reduce your chances of getting lung cancer, strokes and eye diseases such as glaucoma. Men need 90 grams of vitamin C daily. In conclusion, you can add years to your life by taking these vitamins along with getting physical exercise.

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