Reflexology and the Importance of Touch

Reflexology and the Importance of Touch

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Reflexology is in essence, touch therapy, and that is one of the reasons it is so effective in the healing process. Thanks to technology, the human touch has become obscured behind machines created to make our jobs “easier”.   If you think about it, doctors rely on machines to diagnosis illness, not by the hands.

People have forgotten how important a hug really is to the human body and the mind.   For example, when you are feeling down and someone gives you a hug, expected or not, you immediately feel better. This occurs because of the exchange of human energies.

Reflexology and the Importance of Touch

In fact, according to a study that was done in an orphanage in London where the mortality rate of babies was very high, people were paid to come into the orphanage and to play with an experimental group of babies. The mortality rate remained the same for the babies in the control group but the babies who were played with every day showed a significantly higher survival rate.

I have to say that the healing power of touch has never been so important as it is today.  Hyperactivity, Attention Deficit Disorder and Depression are the most common childhood ailments among children today.  Moreover, prescriptions for anti-depressants for kids are commonplace.  These issues have always existed. What did our ancestors do when they felt depressed or hyper?  I will tell you one thing, it wasn’t at all what we do today.  In our society today, one that relies heavily on chemically laden prescription drugs, psychotherapy and surgical procedures to “heal” the sick, there has never been a better time to look into treatment alternatives.   If you have children with behavioral problems, or children that tend to catch a new cold each time the wind blows, it may be time for you to look at reflexology as an alternative or supplemental treatment.

All of us have the gift of healing in our hands; it is all in how you use it. You instinctively use your hands to heal. Parents, what happens when your child bangs his head against something, you instinctively put your hand on his or her head right? You are transmitting healing energy without even knowing it.

Reflexology is an ancient form of healing which stimulates energy points in the feet, hands and body. It is one modality that effectively transmits healing energy and is the perfect tool for developing attachment between an infant and a parent.

A loving touch is vitally necessary to develop the bond between an infant and their parents.  It is a form of communication that is felt by the heart and cannot be replaced any other way.  Because you make him feel secure with your touch, the child learns to trust you and develops an emotional tie to you.

Reflexology can be a way to not only develop that bond, but a way to transmit healing energy and promote wellness in your child.  The techniques are rather simple and have extraordinary benefits.  Some of these benefits include ear infections, teething pain, colic, allergies, constipation and tummy problems.

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