Are Men in Glasses Sexy?

Are Men in Glasses Sexy?

Glasses, that were associated with the nerds once, become the great fashion accessory today. In our modern society, they represent more than a way for improving the eyesight. As in a way of clothing, the frame of glasses can say a lot about a man’s character and can be an important detail that will complete the man’s outfit. If choosed carefully, they can add to the man’s personality attractiveness, intelligence, reliability and sex appeal. They can change man’s look dramatically. While many people in the past chose contact lenses instead of glasses, it was not until 2010 when they dare to wear glasses in public. After 2010, a new trend has been on the street and wearing glasses has become the sexy trend for the both sexes. The study conducted by Eye Candy Optical shows that the vast majority of women consider wearing glasses sexy. They published their results in the article “Are Men Sexy in Glasses? The Women Have Spoken…” and give some details.

Are Men in Glasses Sexy?

1. If you met a man on a blind date at a local bar and he was wearing glasses would you?

49% of women would be happy and then send a photo to your girlfriend to make her jealous
0% of women would be sad and hope he brought along his hot roommate
39% of women would be indifferent and keep your options open
4% of women would be convinced he plays video games all night and/or lacks a day job
8% of women would have other ideas

2. Your ideal fantasy about a man in glasses is:
32% dream of the high powered business executive
30% dream of a Super Hero incognito
4% dream of their college math professor
36% dream of a mysterious French man in a Paris café
2% dream of a computer programmer who will launch the next Google
8% of women would have another special guy in mind

3. If your special man wears his glasses to bed, do you?
17% – Smile and tell him to leave them on for the acts that follow
62% – Toss his glasses on the nightstand and give him a big smooch
4% – Grab your IPad and bury yourself in a good book
15% – Ask him to role-play with you and pretend he’s your college English Lit professor
0% – Yawn, roll over and pretend you are asleep
2% of you ladies do something else

4. A man looks best in glasses when…
35% said when he is in a sharp business suit carrying a briefcase
36% said when he is in a T-Shirt and Jeans
11% said when he is in Khaki’s and his favorite golf shirt
18% said when he is in nothing but his boxers

5. The men’s glasses style you like most is:
33% of women prefer the geek chic look (think fun, nerdy, intellectual)
24% of women prefer the conservative “executive” type
26% of women prefer the metrosexual (funky, hipster, maybe a bit of color)
2% of women prefer the hippy round type like your classic John Lennon’s
2% of women prefer the no glasses at all, bring on the contacts
13% of women prefer the sexy sunglasses at the beach

Although, glasses can enhance the man’s style, the bad choice can spoil his outfit completely. There are certain types of glasses that can look great on someone, but for others they do not. When deciding which frame to choose, the most important thing is the face shape. On a round face, angular frame will look good, because the strong lines can make a perfect balance. Curved frames, such as round or oval, fit the square face shape the best, while square or rectangular ones suite well the square face shape. A long face and the bigger frame are a good match. It is the oval shape only that can experiment with all the models of glasses. After the perfect pair of glasses is chosen, to wear them with a style it is just one more thing left: self-confidence. And, for every man it should be a piece of cake, for according to this study, most women will find that man hot, leastwise in the beginning.

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