Male Pattern Baldness




Conventional thinking suggests that an individual’s genes, from both male and female parents, unquestionably influence that person’s predisposition to male or female pattern baldness. It is usually inherited from the mother’s side of the family and involves the presence of an active form of testosterone to set off the gene-programmed balding process. Men whose mother’s fathers became bald early in life are very likely to follow a similar pattern. Hereditary hair loss is usually gradual and permanent, beginning with a thinning of the hair at the temples and/ or on the crown as early as in the teenage years.

Women can experience a natural thinning of the hair after menopause because of changing hormonal levels.



Minoxidil – Rogaine

A drug is available which has been found to promote hair growth on previously bald areas. This drug appears to be successful and is called minoxidil. It’s retail name is Rogaine and it is available on prescription. It is available also as a lotion formulation to be applied onto the scalp. It must however, be used every day to maintain the growth of hair. It is also very expensive. The effects are most promising in younger people who are just beginning to show signs of balding or who have small bald patches. The medication is applied to balding spots twice a day and must be continued daily. More than 50 percent of users claim that it can thicken hair and slow hair loss, but it is not considered effective in men who already have extensive male pattern baldness.




Although most cases of alopecia areata are resolved naturally, some doctors try to speed recovery with corticosteroids applied topically or injected in the scalp. Cortisone taken orally may stimulate new hair growth, but the effect is likely to be temporary.


Hair Transplants

Hair transplantation is another option available to people with hair loss. Alternative/Natural Treatments.


Most natural therapies believe the cause of hair loss to be insufficient blood flow to the scalp, insufficient nutrients within the blood and poor drainage in the lymph system.


Chinese Medicine

Hair is thought to be nourished by the blood, which is influenced by the liver and kidneys. Chinese medicines for the hair are intended to help and nourish these organs and promote new hair growth; they include such herbs as:


Polygonum (Polygonum multiflorum),

Lycium fruit (Lycium barbarum),

Chinese foxglove root (Rehmannia glutinosa)

Chinese yam (Dioscorea opposita),

Cornus (Cornus officinalis).


Herbal Therapies

Herbalists recommend stimulating hair follicles and improving blood circulation in the scalp to encourage new hair growth. Try massaging your scalp with bay rum, essential oil of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) or rinsing your hair with tea made from sage (Salvia officinalis) or nettle tea. Massage improves circulation and helps supply more blood to the scalp, which in turn improves the health of your hair and scalp.



Relaxation and meditation exercises can help improve circulation by relaxing neck and shoulder muscles hence allowing blood to more freely flow to the scalp. A similar effect can be achieved by practicing yoga.


Inversion Therapy

An ‘inverter table’ is a device which allows your body to be tilted so that gravity forces blood to the scalp. It is also claimed that inversion tables can help a whole host of other problems such as spinal problems etc. If you require further information on inversion therapy or wish to order a table please contact us.





Many homeopathic remedies are thought to be effective for hair loss, particularly thinning caused by pregnancy, stress, or emotional trauma. Consult a homeopathic professional for more advice.


Dietary Considerations

Hair loss can result from a poor diet. It is advisable that you start back on a balanced diet and consult your doctor or health food shop about supplemental vitamins and minerals necessary for good hair health. There are a number of products on the market specifically formulated for the hair.


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