The benefits of quitting smoking

The benefits of quitting smoking

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Smoking can indeed make a tense person feel relaxed and in control. However, relying on this kind of habit could really incur a lot of negative returns.

It is for this reason that smokers desperately try to get away from this kind of habit. However, the dedication to quit from smoking may not be enough. Most of the time, smokers find it hard to get through the effects of lessening their nicotine intake. Some may gain weight or have withdrawal symptoms. Through it all, the individual involved should be reminded of the many benefits he or she would enjoy after successfully quitting smoking. Here are some of those must-have perks:

Normal blood pressure and pulse rate

Your smoking days affect the pressure of your blood and the rate of your pulse. The improvements in these aspects can easily be identified after 20 minutes of not smoking even half a stick.

Improved sense of taste and smell

You might have notice it but smoking affects your senses, particularly your sense of smell and taste. Two full days of no nicotine will give you the chance to notice that you can smell and taste better than before.

Normal oxygen level in your blood

Smoking decreases the amount of oxygen pumped through your blood. This, in turn, could slow down bodily functions and cause blood circulation lapses. Once enough oxygen is in your blood, your blood circulation would be guaranteed to be smooth.

Clearer and smoother skin

A smoker’s skin may have a parchment-like texture over time. Yellow patches are also likely to appear on the nails of smokers. Quitting smoking will cause the disappearance of these yellow patches and improvement in one’s complexion.

Easier breathing

Coughs and wheezing-like attacks are eliminated once you have really quit from smoking. You would also find it easier to breathe. Those who have quit from smoking noticed that their air passages became clearer.

Lesser chances of having smoking-related diseases

Smoking kills because it brings in diseases. Quitting from the habit would give you heftier edge of not having these kinds of diseases. Studies have shown that at least 10 years of not smoking cuts down the risk of having lung cancer by half.

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