Connecting hypothyroidism and weight gain

Connecting hypothyroidism and weight gain


Image courtesy of m_bartosch at

Image courtesy of m_bartosch at

While there are a lot of ailments associated with erratic lowering down of weight, there are also those that contribute to weight gain. One of them is hypothyroidism. Although not induced by dieting regimens, hypothyroidism can greatly affect a person’s bar in the scale meter.

Looking into hypothyroidism

Characterized as a dysfunction of the thyroid gland, hypothyroidism is mainly involved in affecting the body’s natural metabolism. The thyroid gland is an endocrinal, butterfly-shaped organ found in the neck. For men, this particular body part can be found just below the Adams’ apple.

The thyroid gland is a small body part that is big in terms of function and responsibility. For one, it is mainly the home for the hormone thyroxine. Probably unknown to some, thyroxine is an important bodily hormone that is ever-present in the functions of body parts from the head to the toes.

Thyroxine is a major player in metabolism. This means that the hormone is given the job of breaking down food nutrients and processing them into energy needed by the body.

Dissecting the effects of hypothyroidism

When hypothyroidism occurs, there are a lot of notable changes in the body that the patient will soon notice. There is the possibility of having dry and flaky skin. Hypothyroidism can also make the nails become hard and brittle.

The main effect of hypothyroidism is the slowing down of metabolism. When the ability of the body to break down food chemicals and process them into energy is affected, one can be guaranteed of weight gain. How does this happen? Food nutrients are, no doubt, absorbed by the body. However, these natural substances are piled and stocked up in the body thus giving a reserve of soon-to-be processed energy waiting to be used.

This contributes to the feeling of tiredness by people who have hypothyroidism. Since this particular feeling abounds the patient, they would then be convinced that they are too tired to move and more so, to even do exercises. The cycle would go on making the patient feel slouchy and unproductive. Thus, treatment for hypothyroidism is a regular must-have.

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