Can Nail Shops Spread Artificial Nail Fungi?

Image courtesy of FrameAngel at

Image courtesy of FrameAngel at

Artificial nails are very common nowadays. Most women utilize the aesthetic benefits of artificial nails. These benefits, however, can only be begotten once they apply the artificial layer over their toes. Benefits include shinier, cleaner-looking toes suffused with color. There are also women who utilize artificial nails in order to mask a fungi infestation on their toes. Artificial nail fungi develop as a result of this lackluster effort. It’s common knowledge that fungi thrives in dark, moisture-rich environment. Fungi-infested toes that are applied with artificial substances foster such an environment. Artificial nails keep air from flowing freely along one’s toes. As a result, the toe develops an environment perfect for fungi growth. This phenomenon happens most often on toe nails, however, finger nails aren’t one hundred percent immune from developing artificial nail fungi.

People who have yellowish finger nails attempt to cover up the unsightly color with artificial finger nails. They intend to hide the decay of their nails behind shinier and healthier-looking artificial nails. However, unknown to most people, wearing artificial nails actually hastens the decay of finger nails. The decay will eventually reach a point when the nail has to be disposed of completely. Women in particular are more prone to developing artificial nail fungi because they espouse the use of artificial products, especially in nail shops and beauty salons. Visiting such places enables women to choose and apply as many artificial nails as they want. Even men are slowly becoming to be enamored of such shops, since these shops also offer pedicuring and manicuring services.

Be warned, however, that although these shops promise increased beauty and more appealing aesthetic appearance, they can actually foster ugliness in the form of artificial nail fungi.

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