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What Can Trigger Gout?

What Can Trigger Gout? What Can Trigger Gout? Gout appears as a result of accumulated crystals of uric acid in our joints. They accumulate because of a higher level of uric acid in our bodies. This situation can occur for two reasons – either our body produces too much uric acid, or it is unable to eliminate a surplus of uric acid. Gout usually forms at the base of a big toe, but it can also appear on ankles, fingers, foot, […]

Good Foot Care

Good Foot Care Feet are an important part of our body that carry our weight. Despite this, they often receive less attention and care. We think about them when we feel discomfort, painful calluses, or foot problems. Even though foot problems can be annoying, there is no better preventive measure as good hygiene. Everyday foot care, using an antibacterial lotion or powder, and proper and comfortable shoes can prevent many foot ailments. Regular foot care means using water and soap […]

Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Tips Your feet take a lot of pressure from walking and standing and if you want to avoid long-term foot problems as you age, you should take steps to keep your feet healthy with proper foot care. Foot Care Tips  Getting Rid of Foul-Smelling Feet  One of the main causes of foot odor is wearing thick socks or shoes for hours without allowing your feet to breathe. The reason why your feet have a cheesy odor is mainly […]