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Antibiotics from Nature

Antibiotics from Nature This period of the year is challenging for many of us. We spend a lot of time inside, living stressful life and worrying too much. If we add poor diet and sedentary lifestyle in the mixture, we can get the whole picture – our body’s abilities to defend against viruses and bacteria become weakened. To fight them, we reach out for antibiotics without much thinking. We do not even stop and consider their alternative – antibiotics from […]

Healing Properties of Lemon

Healing Properties of Lemon Lemon’s healing properties are long known in traditional medicine. It had been used to treat many ailments for centuries. Today, science has proved lemon‘s beneficial effects in the prevention and suppression various health conditions. Namely, lemon contains a lot of important nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, citric acid, copper, iron, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and so on. Lemon is also highly rich in phytonutrients, agents that act against free radicals and […]

How to Prevent Kidney Disease Naturally?

How to Prevent Kidney Disease Naturally? Kidney disease appears gradually and is hard to detect. According to medical experts, many people become aware of the disease when it is too late. Kidney disease does not show the symptoms until the kidneys almost completely deteriorate. For that reason, experts advise us to look for certain indicators that could point to kidney disease. Some of them are urinary problems, muscle cramps, confusion, sleeping problems, nausea, swelling of the joints and under the […]