How to Cleanse Your Kidneys with Parsley?

How to Cleanse Your Kidneys with Parsley?


Kidneys are important organs that filter our blood, produce hormones, protect our body from toxins, take part in an absorption of vitamins and minerals, and so on. They perform many vital functions in our body, and for that reason, they need our care. To take care about kidneys means to keep them healthy as long as possible. One of the most effective ways is to cleanse them with parsley. Namely, parsley is a powerful herb that has strong healing properties. It is the most effective in treating urinary infections, but its effects are bigger than that. Parsley is extremely effective in the prevention of kidney disease. For that purpose, experts recommend drinking two glasses of tea a day. Parsley also acts as diuretic and can reduce blood pressure. It is full of vitamins, such as vitamin A, C, B12, and K. For its rich nutritional properties, parsley improves our immune system and protect our body from infection. Essential oils from parsley soothe inflammation processes, thus reducing chances of our body to develop auto-immune diseases. People who suffer from joint pain feel significant improvement when drinking parsley tea for its anti-inflammatory effects. This herb shows beneficial effects in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), but for them, experts recommend using parsley wisely. Medical authorities suggest its consumption to moderate quantities. To learn how to cleanse kidneys with parsley, the article “How to Use Parsley and Lemon to Detox Your Kidneys” gives us an interesting idea.

How to Cleanse Your Kidneys with Parsley?

You’ll need five sprigs of parsley. Wash them first and then boil a liter of water in a pot. Add the parsley to the boiling water to release this plant’s cleansing properties.

This is a classic treatment that you’ve probably already heard of. Natural medicine is usually quite effective thanks to the therapeutic benefits that plants provide. Once the parsley has been in the boiling water for a bit, add the juice of one lemon and voila! You’re done.

And when should you drink it, you ask? The recipe makes four cups, so start with one glass in the morning on an empty stomach. Have another after your lunch, one in the middle of the afternoon, and one after dinner. It will improve your digestion and of course, detox your kidneys.

You can do this one or two times a week.

Apart from its ability to cleanse kidneys, parsley is considered as a powerful antioxidant. It contains minerals like potassium, phosphorous, iron and sulfur, and can slow aging processes. Parsley is rich in chlorophyll, which is good protection against toxins and surplus fats. This miracle herb has one more interesting property – to suppress bad breath. According to experts, bad breath appears as a result of poor colon health. If this is not enough, parsley tastes and smells good, and is popular culinary decoration.

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