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How to Prevent Stress

How to Prevent Stress For many men, the workplace is the main source of stress. Usually, men tend to take too much responsibility and try to control things that could not be in their control. Sometimes, to work out this problem and prevent stress, we can make our priorities, find a more sensible approach, and gain better perspective on what things we can control, and what are out of our domain. In this way, we will have more energy to […]

How to Adjust Ourselves to the Natural Body Rhythm

How to Adjust Ourselves to the Natural Body Rhythm If we want a good health, to boost our productivity, and obtain enough energy in our private lives, then it is wise to adjust ourselves to our inner body rhythm. Our body rhythm is genetically conditioned and depends mostly on night and day cycles and seasonal changes. Our ancestors were much better accustomed on natural rhythms, as are the all plants and animals. However, our modern era with artificial lights, too […]

Why Is Skipping Meals Bad for Our Health?

Why Is Skipping Meals Bad for Our Health? Our body is a complex organism, functioning in accordance with its own inner clock. We do not have to give orders to digest food, breathe, or secrete hormones. Body’s inner clock works perfectly and our task is to adapt ourselves to its optimal functioning. Since our body has its own time optimal for consuming food, very often we disturb this natural rhythm by skipping meals for many reasons. All the reasons group […]

Prevention of the Restless Legs Syndrome

Prevention of the Restless Legs Syndrome The restless legs syndrome (RLS) has been recognized as a medical disorder in the 17 century and was described by Sir Thomas Willis, an English physician, for the first time. In 1945, this disorder has been explored and described in more detail by Swedish neurologist, Dr. Karl-Axel Ekborn. However, only in recent time, maybe because of our modern lifestyle and its by-product – stress, this syndrome gets more attention. The four traits are usually […]

Common Myths about Sugar

Common Myths about Sugar Sugar is a type of food necessary for our body and its optimal functioning. It provides us with energy and is especially important for our brain and nervous system. The problem with sugar is not in its regular usage, but our overly consumption of this type of food. And so nothing is more complicated than reducing sugar in our diet. The reason for this lies in the fact that there are plenty of processed products, which […]

How Can Positive Emotions Be Good for Your Heart?

How Can Positive Emotions Be Good for Your Heart? In our modern society, especially in North American and European countries, we are all accustomed to hiding and repressing emotions, because it has been considered that if we are not in control of our emotions, we can be perceived as weak. Naturally, with repressing emotions we lose our chance to feel them. Thus, we become more or less distant from our emotional nature, disabled not only to experience negative emotions, but […]

Top 10 Ideas for a Healthy Year

Top 10 Ideas for a Healthy Year New Year is usually a time when the most people want a fresh start. For many of us, New Year’s resolutions are a good way to make this urge for new beginning happen. However, these resolutions are rarely effective and bring a little or no result. According to psychologists, the reason for that is simple: we set up unrealistic and big goals in which we do not truly believe. It is very hard […]