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A quick guide to preventing your penis from smelling

We know this one’s a tricky subject, but we’ve still decided to write about it, because we know for sure that there are many men out there that struggle with penis odor. If you’re among the unlucky ones who have encountered it before and if your lady has suggested you wash your groin area before engaging in intercourse, we’re sorry, but this post is for you. So what could be the causes to your penis smelling? It is really not that difficult to imagine. Let’s say you go jogging and you pick up a pair of tight shorts. How would that make you feel? Around 10 minutes in, you’d be all sweaty. There’s bacteria that lives in that sweat and if you have the poor habit of getting dressed in tight underwear, you have a really high possibility of smelling fowly down there. The presence of pubian hair is another cause for excessive groin sweating and therefore smelling over there. Try shaving your testicles from time to time, not only because it’s a nice little habit that almost all men should have, but because it’ll make you feel better and see your penis better. If you’re really hairy down there,...


How To Prevent Back Pain At Work

How to prevent back pain at work Many people nowadays experience back problems, particularly the ones who work in front of the computer from 9 to 6. Most of our acquaintances have back pains, either because of erratic body positions, or because of genetic or medical causes. Image source: Flickr cc The most common area where the first symptoms appear is the cervical region. This can also occur because of calcium and vitamin D3. As the majority of people know, calcium and vitamin D3 work together in strengthening the bones. But the problem is sometimes, calcium deposits occur in some other places than in regular bones. This way, we may end up having osteophytes, which are basically composed of calcium. The condition has the name “cervical spondylosis”. There’s a number of back exercises anyone can do at work, while sitting on a regular chair. First of all, we must think about the impact hanging your head down all day long can have on your cervical discs. Second of all, try stretching your neck. Move your head on the left, then on the right, then straighten it up again. Try doing this every 30 to 40 minutes. You’ll see some improvements...


Why it is so important you get enough sleep

Sleep deprivation is a great problem of our days. Most people work unbelievable shifts, and even those who have a regular schedule of working from 9 to 6 end up being sleep deprived because they have to commute for a couple of hours every day. When you get home after a busy, long day at work, you are not in the mood of doing anything. But then, you turn on the TV set or the computer, and your sleep mood goes off the window. Huffington Post published an extraordinary article on what many of us should do in order to get a good night sleep. It comes as no surprise that the infographic that we’re about to show to you pulls some alarm signals as to why our daily routines are so messed up. Image source: Huffington Post According to this infographic, created by the most talented Jan Diehm, you should stop drinking caffeine at least 6 hours before you go to bed. For instance, if you’d like to go to sleep at around 11 pm, you should have your last cup of coffee at 5 pm max. Why it is so important you get enough sleep In the past,...


9 surprising things about semen

I  personally did not know a lot of the things about semen from the following list. Check it out, to learn really interesting information on it. 1. Eating something different or with a strong aroma can affect the taste of your semen. 2. The average quantity that a man ejaculates is around a table spoon of semen. Image source: Flickr cc 3. In a ml of sperm, there are somewhere between 20 and 100 million sperm cells. Which basically means you have to try really hard to be bad at fertilizing a woman’s egg. 4. There are also sperm cells in your pre-ejaculatory secretion. In other words, this implies that the calendar method that some use as a prevention method is not reliable at all. 5. Wireless devices affect sperm quality. 6. Sperm needs protection. A sperm cell contains half the number of chromosomes that a regular human cell does.  And that’s because the egg and the sperm cell have to unite to create the perfect 46 number of chromosomes. The only problem is, because they have half of them, the organism has the tendency to react against them. Which is why they’re protected by some special sells, that are located...