Your nutrition grail for constipation

Your nutrition grail for constipation

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Constipation and other bowel movement ailments have been common in the lives of many people. It is for this reason that a lot of researches were geared towards solving these seemingly common ailments.

Your nutrition grail for constipation


For those who are not yet familiar, constipation is a kind of bowel movement disorder that is characterized by the difficulty in releasing the thing. Constipation can even have bleeding involved. Because of this, having constipation also constitutes a feeling of irritability and discomfort.


Laxatives have been known for providing patients with temporary relief. However, doctors and experts alike are not very positive about these products. This might be due to the fact that laxatives tend to incur side effects when used regularly.


It might sound too old school and traditional but the safest way to manage and treat constipation is to go all natural. Aside from ensuring that you have a healthy lifestyle, you should also pair your everyday routine with enough water intake. Water is the single most reliable substance that you can use for good digestion.


Doctors also recommend that you watch what you eat. Fiber-rich foods should always be on top of your list especially if you are getting older. For other medications and quick relief options, here are some suggestions:


Carica papaya

Otherwise known as pawpaw, this fruit contains the digestion promote enzyme papain. Papayas are very good for reducing cell waste, colon mucus and stomach mucus. Try to eat papaya between each meal to see the difference it brings.



Whether it’s the green or violet variety, grapes are very rich in antioxidants. Grapes are also known natural laxatives. Its high mineral content will have you pooping in no time.


Figs and dates

Figs and dates are very rich in fiber. These foods also help enhance digestion. Ho on a fogs and date diet for at least two days.



Rich in Vitamins A and C, raspberries are popular relieve options for constipation. These fruits also contain iron, calcium and magnesium thus giving you a healthy fix.



Plums or its dried variety, prunes, are very rich in iron. They both contain natural laxative property that helps relieve constipation.

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