Treating A Cold

Treating a Cold

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We all have experienced the symptoms of a common cold: coughing, sneezing and snotty noses. Along with this we also experience our parent’s home remedies for treating a cold. These remedies can range from the ordinary (chicken noodle soup) to the odd (gurgling tomato juice). However, new research is suggesting three new ways of treating a cold.

Treating A Cold

The study suggests that susceptibility to cold may be in your DNA. Telemores are the end pieces of protein and DNA at the edges of your chromosome. Short length in telermores has been linked to increased susceptibility to colds.

The length of your telemores is predetermined by your genetics but there are still ways to lengthen them and improve your health. Researchers in the study believe that your life style has a great effect on the lengths of your telemores. Ways to do this are listed below.

Meditation, meditation, mediation: sitting cross legged humming may not seem like a remedy for the common cold but research has shown that meditation increases telemorase. Telemorase is an enzyme that lengthens telemores and protects cells. Just ten minutes of meditation a day is a good way to start. Remember to focus on deep belly breathing.

Work it Out: exercising is a key role in a person’s overall health. People who live more sedentary lifestyles are prone to more illnesses and ailments. Exercising keeps the telemores nice and long so that your immune system can fight off any of those nasty little viruses or bacteria.

Say No to Tobacco: cigarettes not only shorten your life but they shorten your telemores as well. This isn’t exactly new information. Researchers for a long time have believed that cigarettes speed up the aging process which is related to shortened telemores.

I know chicken noodle soup may be your go to. It’s warm and delights your taste buds. I also understand why you would want to stick to your home remedies (they have never failed you before right). However, treating a cold doesn’t always have to involve something canned or a mixture of strange ingredients (horse radish, celery and yogurt). Sometimes just making life adjustments such as the ones listed above can do the trick.

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