Tips from Centenarians for Long Life

Tips from Centenarians for Long Life


According to statistics, a number of centenarians doubled every eight years. They all have specific habits and routine they swear at them. Even though many of them exercise regularly and eat healthy food, there is a significant number of the 100-year-olds that drink occasionally and smoke cigarettes. Each of them has certain tips for a long life. The geriatric experts believe that two factors determine longevity. They all agree that genetics and behavior play a significant role in centenarians’ lives. However, experts have considered behavior important until eighty. But, once someone reaches this age, genetics take the role. Even though centenarians share various tips for long life, they all have certain habits in common. For example, positive life’s philosophy seems essential for each of them. Social awareness, active role in a local community, good family relationships, close friends, represent important factors that may prolong someone’s life. To learn more about the tips from centenarians for long life, the article “Life Lessons from 100-Plus-Year-Olds” gives us the following list.

Tips from Centenarians for Long Life

– Emotional Resilience and Optimism Help You Stay Young at Heart

– Centenarians Eat Real Food

– Strong Relationships, Fond Memories and Living in the Moment

– Helping Others Will Come Back to You Hundreds-Fold

– Being a Lifelong Learner Is Linked to Longevity

– ‘Keep Right on to the End of the Road’

Apart from these tips, researchers have found that there are not many obese people among centenarians. Men who have reached this age are usually fit, while all of them have a lot of good cholesterol. Centenarians also cope well with stress, know how to overcome obstacles, and learn to enjoy life. Almost all of them appreciate a gift of life and enjoy the little things. One centenarian woman describes this attitude in the following way: “You do not have to be happy all the time; but, if you want to live beyond 100-years of age you should learn to be satisfied.”. Among the tips from centenarians for a long life, there is one more important habit – spend a lot of time outdoors walking. There is nothing more in this world such as fresh air, sunlight and a movement. Many of them agree that if we want to reach an old age, we need to keep moving.

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