Things You Need to Know About Hair Loss

Things You Need to Know About Hair Loss


Since time immemorial, poets and artists have concocted many figures of speech about our hair. Idioms like the crown of glory, speeches of her hair or golden hair are just one of the terms which show how much people value their hair. Thus, it is quite normal if hair loss would become a source of insecurity among men and women. Hair loss may be slow or rapidly-occurring, for sure, it will create a problem to every person.

Things You Need to Know About Hair Loss


Research said that there are several factors that greatly affect hair loss. Thus, if ever you went to the doctor to know the cause of hair loss, you might as well ask questions about these factors. Knowing them will also help you to decide your own ways in preventing hair loss.


Hormone Imbalance

Our body is made up of hormones or chemical substances that act like catalysts for all processes to go on well. They call it this abnormality as adrogenetic alopecia where there is an abundance of Dihydrotestosterone, androsteinedione, testosterone (DHT) in one’s body—whether you are male or female. Yes, you heard it right, females still possess these hormones. It comes from their ovaries and adrenal glands. Yet, the abundance of DHT is more common among males. If hair follicles are affected with DHT, these follicles tend to grow slowly or they just simply die.


Nutritional Deficiency and Stress

Many shampoos are advocating their products as good sources of hair nutrients, yet what we consumers have overlooked is our own health habits. You might as well ask yourself whether you are eating the right foods that will “feed” your hair. Does your diet lack protein, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and other Vitamins needed for good hair growth? Do you have enough sleep at night? Studies show that sleep and relaxation greatly affects baldness and relaxation. Coffee and cola drinks are also found out to affect hair loss. Thus, the next time you want to grab a cup of coffee in the office, you might want to think twice.


Diseases and Treatments

Certain diseases also cause hair loss. It is a common sight among movies that sick persons loose their hair and it happens in real life. While being sick, a person’s body systems compete for nutrients to attain stability. With insufficient nutrients, our hair might be affected. There are also other diseases like Alopecia areata that hits directly the scalp. This is a form of skin disease that strips off scalp of nutrients. Health treatments like undergoing chemotherapy to combat certain cancers can also be a great contributor to hair loss. If a person is subjected to extreme pain after chemotherapy, there might also be chances that the doctor will give him/her anesthesia and amphetamines, which also causes hair loss. Women who are just coping after child birth may also experience hair loss, yet with the right amount of rest and food, surely, her hair will also be restored.


Hair loss is a problem that should not be taken lightly. If symptoms get worse everyday, maybe it is high time to see a doctor who can diagnose the cause of your hair loss. Your doctor can then advise you what to do to restore that beauty and radiance you once possess.

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