Powerful Effects of Natural Antibiotics

Powerful Effects of Natural Antibiotics

Image courtesy of OZphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of OZphotography at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Before the beginning of modern medicine and its wonder product – antibiotics – people mostly rely on the powerful effects of natural antibiotics such as garlic, onion, turmeric, ginger, grapefruit seeds, honey, cinnamon, etc. to fight bacteria. However, with the development of Western medicine, we became amazed by fast results of drugs and forgot the benefits of foods and herbs that had been used against infections for ages. Meanwhile, after several decades of antibiotic use for various infections, we realized that they are not that powerful as we have thought for many decades. We have encountered a lot of side effects. Now, when we become resistant to viruses and bacteria, we slowly start to think about alternative ways to suppress and prevent bacterial infections. Today, we can find many powerful herbs and foods in the form of supplements. Even though these supplements can help us in treating mild infections, they are useless with the severe forms. The same can be said about natural antibiotics. But, if taken regularly during flu season, they can be far more powerful. They can help us boost our immune system. To learn more about the powerful effects of natural antibiotics, the article “Top 10 Natural Antibiotics” gives us the following list.

Powerful Effects of Natural Antibiotics

1. Garlic

2. Honey

3. Oil of Oregano

4. Olive Leaf Extract

5. Turmeric

6. Echinacea

7. Ginger

8. Goldenseal

9. Grapefruit Seed Extract

10. Neem

However, using these foods without changing our lifestyle will not help us go through flu season without catching an infection. We cannot suffer from sleep deprivation for years and expect that natural antibiotics will boost our immunity and help us overcome infection. According to experts, a holistic approach that keeps our mind, body, and soul in harmony gives the best results in strengthening our immune system. If we exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet, have enough sleep, then these natural antibiotics will have fertile ground to show their powerful effects.

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