Outlining the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Outlining the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Image courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of dream designs at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is something that has been in the lives of many individuals in the country. Time and again, experts have reiterated that the ailment is caused by a number of factors that could even be considered to be interconnected with each other.

Outlining the causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome


T o give light on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, here are some of its known causes:


Gastrointestinal tract malfunction

The muscles and organs in the gastrointestinal tract may have irregularities causing abnormal functions. And because the gastrointestinal tract is composed or lined by series and series of interconnecting nerves, any slight irregularity could have a domino effect to the other organs in this area.


Nervous system dysfunction

For starters, every part of our body contains nervous veins. It is for this reason that we tingle at the slightest touch. Once one of this veins function in an abnormal manner, it could pass on a message to our brain and other organs. This process could then turn into a command to contract or relax the muscles of our body organs. Once the wrong command is sent, an irregularity in one’s bowel movement could push through.


Abnormality in motor nerves

A lot of studies have also focused on the role of motor nerves in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Researchers agree that abnormality in the motor nerves results to the misinterpretation of commands and signals sent to the brain. These misinterpreted signals could be processed as wrong commands thus encouraging more dysfunction to other organs.



People who have poor digestion are also likely to incur Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although this explanation has been receiving quite a number of negative following, there are still studies saying that the poor digestion of common dietary sugars aggravate or even causes the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.


Determining the cause is just one step. The main battle lies on how you could manage this ailment. If you feel that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, go and schedule an appointment with your doctor. These experts will be able to prescribe you a solution that could bring sure and safe relief.

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