Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention


All people, regardless of age and social status, are on the risk of hair loss and hair fall. Well, some may accept it as part of life’s changes as the individual grows, yet some get depressed and insecure about hair loss. Hair loss may cause some discomfort among women more than men. Men may simply shave

their crowns as a hair style yet women may hide their head with caps and scarves as they go out for a walk.

Hair Loss Prevention


How can hair loss be prevented? Is there still hope for people experiencing hair loss? Without knowing it, hair loss may be a sign of a serious underlying illness or infection. Thus, it is important that you see a doctor immediately and get medical help. Focus on treating your disease and infection rather than buying shampoos and conditioners for your hair. There may be bacteria and fungi that may attack the scalp which causes hair loss. If your scalp gets itchy and flaky, this should be treated immediately as this may damage hair follicles. Chemotherapy has also drastic effects to your hair. There are also barbiturates and amphetamines that may hinder normal blood flow thus affecting your hair.


Negative practices and unhealthy lifestyle is also a big factor that contributes to hair loss. Eating lots of junkfoods instead of foods rich in protein, oils and fats may also damage your hair. Beans, vegetables and other fresh foods are great sources of nutrients for your hair. It has also been found out that exercise can help facilitate normal flow of oxygen all over your body, including your scalp. Exercise also alleviates tension caused by your job and emotional problem.


You should remember that stress caused by your work, frustrations and other new-life experiences may also cause hair loss. It is sometimes normal for pregnant and first-time mothers to experience hair loss. The death of a loved one or traumas from a very violent accident should also be controlled, if possible.


If these ways still don’t work, it may be time to consult other ways in the market. Hair extensions and hair wigs are the most common ways. However, wigs should be chosen carefully as some wigs may cause irritation to your scalp. If you want to invest on millions of dollars to get your beautiful hair back, hair transplantation is just around the corner. Be optimistic, solutions for hair loss are just at hand.

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