Options for treating Arthritis

Options for treating Arthritis

Image courtesy of Photokanok at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Photokanok at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Gone are the days when people think of arthritis as the ailment of the old. Nowadays, arthritis causes pain even to the young.


Arthritis is mainly characterized by pains at the joints. A lot of people afflicted by this illness complain about tremendous and indescribable pain. So much so that arthritis patients are hindered from doing their day-to-day activities and even the simplest of tasks like standing and walking.


It is primarily due to these reasons that experts and researchers alike take the necessary time to study arthritis. Patients and doctors agree that arthritis symptoms almost always bring unbearable pain. However, a person with septic arthritis could also experience recurring fever.


Once these symptoms manifest their presence, it is very clear that one should immediately see his or her doctor. Putting these symptoms on the back of one’s mind and not doing any action to solve them could only worsen the situation. Although there isn’t any verified sole treatment for arthritis, early

detection definitely brings more advantages and benefits.


Thanks to the developments in science and technology, there are now available options for treating arthritis. Some of them are the following:



This is considered the most invasive of all available treatments. Surgery is mostly recommended to people who are heavily suffering from arthritis. It is also considered time-consuming, costly and expensive.


Physical treatments

Therapists help patients relieve the pain brought about by arthritis. However, these kinds of treatments could only provide temporary relief.


Herbal medicines

The use of natural herbs and plants has always been considered as a breakthrough in the treatment of certain ailments. Although a lot of herbs prove to be promising, these claims have not been verified.


Collagen Type II oral treatment

Collagen is actually one of the main components of the cartilage. This natural substance is taken as pills to provide arthritis relief. Most patients prefer this oral treatment because of its higher rate of absorption. Studies show that collagen type II pills have an estimated rate of around 70 to 90 percent. Moreover, collagen type II pills are also proven in helping rebuild and repair damaged cartilage.

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