Natural Colon Cleansing

Natural Colon Cleansing

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The idea of colon cleansing is not new. It is the ancient idea, known in the ancient Greece, Egypt, India, and China. This idea was also popular in medieval France. Namely, King Louis XIV used enema 2000 times during his life. Today, the idea of colon cleansing has found new followers. The most popular way of colon cleansing today is colon hydrotherapy. This method uses warm water to wash out a content of the colon gently. Supporters of this method, consider it healthy and highly beneficial regarding flushing out toxins from our body. However, there are not yet scientific proof for this theory. On the contrary, some medical experts believe that the idea of colon hydrotherapy is completely ungrounded. Moreover, some risks should be taken into account when we are about to select this method to get rid of disreputable toxins. The risks include dehydration, imbalance of electrolytes, vomiting, nausea, bowel perforation, and infection. Sometimes, allergy can also appear. It is a case when water for irrigation contains some additional substance. Medical experts also warn people with the certain medical condition to be warier about this method. This caution refers to people with diverticulitis, heart disease, kidney disease, ulcerative colitis, Chron’s disease, etc. In any case, it is wise to consult a doctor before making the decision. However, the method of colon hydrotherapy is not the only one. The less radical and very effective way is to adopt a new, healthy diet with more soluble and insoluble fiber. There are also some types of foods that can naturally cleanse the colon. The article “Six Amazing Foods for Cleansing Your Colon Naturally” gives us the list of the most beneficial foods for natural colon cleansing.

Natural Colon Cleansing

1) Apples, apple cider vinegar.

2) Avocados.

3) Flax and chia seeds.

4) Chlorophyll-rich greens.

5) Clean water with sea salt.

6) Fermented foods.

Apart from the foods on the list, nutritionists consider certain groups of foods beneficial for colon health and gut flora. According to them, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals, nuts, and bran should be on our menu if we want the best health for our intestines. Additionally, they also recommend taking probiotics on a regular basis to regulate gut flora. And according to ancient healers, our gut flora, and colon health are essential for our overall well-being.

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